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May I reserve a spot please, I have participated in a similar roleplay and it's just went to quick and grew out of control.

Name: Nathan
Nickane: Nothing.
Age: 15
Class/Dorm: Suicune Dorm.
Nathan, a 15 year old boy, has dark brown hair and fair skin. He's fairly tall and his eye colour changes, so noone knows what colours is eyes are permanently. (Change from grey - blue - green - amber.) He usually wears suits (Like in signature) and is very professional looking. He wears a silver watch on his left hand as well as a silver bracelet he recieved from his Skarmory in which he left with his mother. He wears the respective pants to his suit and black shoes. He howevfer does not wear a top hat and his hair is 'accidentally on purpose' style. He wers a blue tie and variates this with red.

Nathan's personality is reserved and quiet. He is very intelligent, and often looks voe rhis opponent before a battle and constantly observes everyones behaviour. His fierce battle style enables him to lose few but his sometimes lack of judgement can lead him to loss. He passionately dislikes those who 'judge a book by it's cover' as many judge his pokemon quickly often thiking that they are weak just because they have not evolved. He loves proving them wrong especially with his variety of techniques.

Nathan can be quite humorous, but doesn't warm to people easily. He prefers to work by himself and with his pokemon rather than together with other trainers. He's a hard woprker and constantly improves his pokemon's preformances to enable him to reach even higher in his champion dream. He never gets angry with his pokemon nor does he treat them terribly, he often gives them treats and plays with them. His pokemon are on the bribnk of evolving, however, he needs a final win to do so. He is orgainsed and always has a counter attack up his sleeve and even more surprises in the other.

The history of this teen has been quite a sucessful one. He has competed in the Sinnoh and Johto Leagues both coming 2nd. His family have also too been sucessful and his mother used to be a top trainer back in her day winnig the Sinnho League and she even was the 4th member of the Elite Four, however this was way before the reigns of Flint, Cynthia etc. He coimes form a wealthy family, but does not flaunt it nor show off. His Father left whe he was young and he has no further contact with him. His idol is no-one except for his mother.

Pokemon: Chimchar.
Level and Gender: 15 Male
Species: Chimp Pokemon.
Personality: Chimchar, has an energetic persona, and often runs ahead and explores places that not many people would think to look, this has come in ahndy sometimes as Chimchar has often found valuable things in such places. It can become reckless in some situations when it becomes over excited. It's role in the team is the the backup for turwig.. more shall be revealed later... and is the second strongest of Nathan three party members.
- Mach Punch.
- Fire Punch.
- Sunny Day.
- Double Team.
- Swords Dance.
- Dig.

Pokemon: Piplup.
Level and Gender: 15, Female
Species: Penguin Pokemon
Personality: Piplup represents Nathan's personality well, and is calm, cool, quiet yet reserved like him. it often hides/situates itself on Nathan's shoulder or in the inside of his chest. It is a very caring pokemon and will often help Nathan recover and wash his injuries if has any. It is the least strongest of the party members, but don't be fooled by it's kind nature, it can be quite sneaky especially in batlle.
- Rain Dance
- Attract
- Aqua Ring
- Icy Wind
- Bubble Beam
- Double Team

Pokemon: Turtwig.
Level and Gender: 15, Male
Species: Tiny Leaf Pokemon.
Personality: Turtwig has a quircky character and is often eating, fiddling or hurts itsaelf because of it's quircky behaviour. It is the strongest of it's three friends and is considered the leader of the group. It was Nathan's first pokemon and has developed a close bond with him.
- Synthesis
- Solarbeam
- Light Screen
- Double Team
- Energy Ball
- Leech Seed

If so, will we be able to catch pokemon? Because I'd really like to catch a few more.. again, may we have 1 pokemon in the pc for later use, or no?
Additionaly, with my pokemon I made my pokemon as reralistic as possible since I don't think hydropump for example is suited for a level 15 piplup. I play strategically, not solemnly with brutal force/power.

Future team:
_____ _____ ______ other three are mystery pokemon as will be discovered during roleplay.
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