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Leech Seed
Serperior @ Lax Incense
Ability: Overgrow
Aerial Ace
Leech Seed
Leaf Blade
Swords Dance
I agree with you saying that you could possibly replace Serperior with Whimsicott. As far as I know(and I could be wrong while saying this), Serperior is usually good for dual screens and quick taunting, but I don't think there's much else beyond that. Unless you want to count Leaf Storm spamming, that is(because of Seperior's DW ability and whatnot that reverses stat changes and what have you). But still, if you're really aiming for a grass type. I'd say go for something like Whimsicott, then. I would suggest Lilligant but...I dunno if Quiver Dancing is more or less your thing, plus it might serve an entirely different purpose anyway. D:

Milotic @ Leftovers
Ability: Marvel Scale
Ice Beam
This I don't necessarily have issues with, but I'd be careful of taunters if I were you, cause recover + toxic is kinda begging for it. With that being said, in that situation, you'd kinda be forced to switch out Milotic for something else, which could potentially fall right into your opponent's plan. Just saying. ):


Physical Attacker
Eelektross @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Levitate
Rock Slide
Wild Charge
Brick Break Thunder wave
The reason I suggest thunder wave over brick break(it's honestly not going to do much anyway, even as a supereffective attack, because of lack of STAB and what have you) is that...well from experience, thunder wave comes as sometimes unpredictable, and can severely cripple your opponent's physical attackers. It's a personal favorite thing of mine, to always come prepared with paralysis and what have you.

....Just dont use it against Conkeldurr, and you'll be fine. :D; I learned the hard way that even burning the thing never helps.

Special Attacker
Gengar @ (undecided)
Ability: Levitate
Focus Blast
Shadow Ball
Destiny Bond
You could make Gengar hold specs if you so choose, I personally think it would do a whole lot of damage that way(except it kinda gets completely walled by blissey) or you could go completely offensive and make it hold focus sash. Reason being that Gengar isn't the most bulky thing out there, and its kinda frail, so yeah.

If anything, I also recently found out that Froslass is a pretty good ghost type because of setting up spikes and what have you. You might want to look in that~!


That's all the rates that I could do. More of the members here in CBC would most likely help you out with your team far better than I can, but I'm just giving you a few pointers here and there based on what I know. xD;

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