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I kinda was getting bored writing this, but I managed to persevere and finish this chapter.

Pokemon Academy: Chapter Six

Starring Impo, ~Ryukaa, Rossay, Forever

Armed with their Pokeballs, Professor Juniper and Professor Charon began their battle.

"Go Cincinno!" Juniper called, twirling through the air while releasing her Cincinno into the battlefield. It softly landed on the ground and giggled into its scarf-like fur.

"Rotom! Go!" Charon ordered, throwing his Pokeball onto the ground. It released a Rotom then the ball flew back into his hand. To the awes of the class, they began to attack.

"Bullet Seed, Cincinno!" Juniper commanded.

Cincinno opened its mouth, and spat glowing yellow seeds at Rotom.

"Dodge and Thunder Wave!" Charon demanded, rather nonplussed about the fierce attack.

Rotom skillfully maneuvered through the seeds and send an electric surge in the direction of Cincinno.

"Light Screen, quick!"

Cincinno produced a yellow, glass square in between itself and the Thunder Wave, the attacks contact and the Thunder Wave limply fell to the ground.

"Now Rock Blast!" Juniper said, grinning.

The rings of sand appeared around Cincinno, and soon transformed into rocks. With a squeal, Cincinno sent her rocks flying through her Light Screen, smashing it. The shards, in tandem with the rocks, began to fly in the direction of Rotom. Caught off guard by the shards of Light Screen, Rotom was subjected to a direct hit. It span through the air dizzy while Juniper commanded for one last attack.

"Finish this with a Bullet Seed!"

Cincinno's mouth began to fill with seeds, and soon they were being pelted at the dizzy Rotom. The Rotom couldn't endure any more of the assault, and fainted, leaving Professor Juniper as the victor. The class cheered for her, while Professor Charon quietly returned his Rotom to his Pokeball and headed back towards the castle.

"Good battle, Charon!" Professor Juniper called, but he was already out of earshot. She directed her attention back to her class.

"Okay guys, did you enjoy our little presentation?" She asked, toying with her audience.

"Now, I succeeded using only two things. Trust in my Pokemon, and trust in myself. To win a battle you must trust your Pokemon with your life. Victory is a lot different than winning, you know. Armed with this information, get back to your battling!"

The groups resumed their battling, a new flame alight after witnessing a professional battle. The attacks and shouting were much more coarse and fierce, and both trainer and Pokemon were putting in much more effort. Impo and Nica were having a very good battle, until it ended.

"Let's try a Tackle!" Nica commanded, and Lillipup crashed into Teddiursa. Teddiursa wailed in pain and then fell to the floor unconscious.

"Hooray!" Nica cheered, hugging her Lillipup as it jumped into her arms.

Amidst Nica's celebrating, Impo cautiously walked up to his Teddiursa and gave it a grateful scratch on the head. Teddiursa returned to its Pokeball, and the class was called to stop battling.

"Great work, guys! I saw some really fierce battles! Well done!" She playfully applauded the class before continuing on, "now, did anyone's Pokemon faint?"

A number of peoples hands flew up, including Impo and Ryukaa's.

"Okay. That's fine. The damage is very temporary and will not cause any permanent damage. To revive your Pokemon, just go back to your dormitories during Lunch and place them into your PC. On that note, if any of your Pokemon are ever hurt or need rest, even when they are still conscious, just use your PC!" She reminded them. "You do not know how many students will cry saying their Pokemon died. It's a natural aftermath of a battle."

The bell for Lunch rang and the class went back to the Main Hall for Lunch. Impo caught up with Ryukaa while he was walking back to their dormitory.

"So you lost to a girl, huh?" Ryukaa teased.

"You lost to a Slowpoke," Impo retorted.

"...that wasn't fair! It sat on Sentret!" Ryukaa moped, crossing his arms.

"HA! Well, my partner could battle," Impo laughed. They reached their dormitory and opened the door.

Impo saw their PC on their desk and went up to inspect it, finding twelve circular holes around the screen.

"Either this thing has termites or we put our Pokemon in here," Ryukaa said, tapping
the PC. Impo was pretty sure it was for their Pokemon, so he slid his Teddiursa's ball in the first slot. The screen of the PC light up. It was very bright, and a picture of Impo's Teddiursa appeared on screen.

"Cool!" Ryukaa said, placing his Sentret's ball in the second hole. A picture of Ryukaa's Sentret appeared next to Teddiursa. There were a number buttons on the screen, all concerning the Pokemon inserted.

"Let's see... Heal, deposit, withdraw, mail or items? Heal!" Ryukaa said excitedly, slamming his index finger on the screen. The PC began to glow and made a little tune, then both Starter Balls came out of the PC and onto the desk.

"Cool, let's go to lunch!" Ryukaa said, picking up the first ball.

"'Kay," Impo said, following Ryukaa out the door.


Okay, that's number five. Thanks to all those who allowed me to put them in my story. I now have enough names for this thing at the moment. Though now I am finding it hard to continue and progress the storyline. Because I haven't yet. I now want to focus on my writing technique, because I feel it is inferior.

Please, please, please comment or critique. They are appreciated dearly.
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