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Name (First,and Last): Eugene Greenwich

Nickname: Green (created from his last name)

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Dorm Allegiance: Raikou Dorms

Job: Steel and Electric type specialist, Battle Tactician (Battle Strategy)

Appearance: His appearance is based on Roark, but of course, he doesn’t have the helmet. His hair is about the same except for the colour, which is brownish-gold. Roark’s grey jacket is replaced with a similar dark blue one, and his trousers and boots are replaced with black baggy jeans and converse. The glasses stay though. (roark's appearance - )

Personality: He’s twenty four, so he isn’t as strict and boring as those old teachers. He understands his student’s needs and often plays with them, Pokemon and non-Pokemon. The students love him because he doesn’t give much homework, and they love him because of his easy-going attitude. He tries to create a good bonding with his classmates, as he was a student in the same school once. He’s always on the students’ side, and some other teachers don’t approve of him, but Eugene doesn’t really care about it. He knows how students hate teachers, so he’s trying to change that thought.

History: Eugene was born in Unova, and not in Kanto. Despite that, his family brought him to Kanto when he was six, since the rents in Unova was just way too high. Eugene’s family settled in Pewter City and the teacher-to-be had a normal life. When he was ten, however, he was invited to join the Pokemon Trainer Academy, which was newly built at that time.

He was one of the first batch - the first bunch of students that studied there. He wasn’t an elite, so he was in Raikou Dorms - the dorm that he’s teaching in right now. When he was in the Pokemon Academy, his interest in Steel and Electric types started to grow, and a teacher named Dr. Jonas Applewood taught him everything he needed to know (to make it more interesting xD). He was in Raikou Dorms, but after all these years, he’s promoted to teach in Suicune.

When Eugene graduated, he didn’t leave school. He continued to roam around school as a volunteer, helping the needy students, answering their questions. When he was twenty three, he was allowed to teach in the Raikou dorm.

Main Pokémon: Excadrill

Other Pokemon: Magneton, Garvantula, Emolga

Personality: Excadrill likes showing off in a cool way, often burrowing into things he can, but he doesn’t admit it. He can be very demanding, and Eugene finds it difficult to provide him with his needs sometimes.

Lvl(Max 50): Excadrill - 50 Magneton - 35 Garvantula - 43 Emolga - 40


Excadrill - Drill Run, Earthquake, Metal Claw, Brick Break, Poison Jab, X-Scissor

Magneton - Zap Cannon, Gyro Ball, Tri Attack, Flash Cannon, Explosion

Garvantula - Bug bite, Electroweb, Signal Beam, Thunderbolt, Hyper beam, Sucker Punch

Emolga - Discharge, Acrobatics, Electro Ball, Double Team, U-turn, Wild Charge

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