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Originally Posted by Dark Azelf View Post
Well i mean im getting sick of <ladderscrub_9909> who don't get voting rights commandeer the Smogon thread then make the whole topic about 'broken' weather and Excadrill are for 3 whole suspect rounds then nom every little new thing. Then have the audacity to moan about it when no one votes them uber. Its really rather annoying. Its like "If you think its that broken, then you know, shouldn't you at least get voting rights to show that it indeed is ?". Its kinda like Hitler giving out ethics advice lol. ~~ Dont get me wrong, i dont mind letting anyone nom things, but i dont like the way they carried themselves throughout the rounds. Heck even now people are being all like "imma go play Yu-gi-oh/UU/RU because i cant beat weather". :\ lol
yes, but think for a sec with me, unless i'm missing something: realize that the smogon nom thread or w/e is only a place that they nominate things. we don't have discussion there or counter-arguments to other people's noms. yeah, the nom thread was dominated by anti-weather but people can't say otherwise at least in that thread. you can't assume that everyone who voted agreed with the "'broken' weather" topic and obviously they didn't according to the results of the voting. however the votes were indeed close (not for sand stream but for the other two yes they were fairly close). if the decision of three or four people were to sway we might have been looking at a drizzle-less metagame. i'm just saying, it's not as obviously unbroken as you seem to describe it as, and apparently a good chunk of the userbase (the voting userbase, mind you) believes that it is. obviously it's not enough to make the difference there but i feel it was kinda unnecessary i guess lol.

and if you're talking about the discussion thread on the metagame in general, i'd like to let you know i avoid that thread entirely as it is populated with stupid people and honestly i've found that the people who really know what they're talking about have more worthwhile places to post than there.

Originally Posted by Dark Azelf View Post
Heck even now people are being all like "imma go play Yu-gi-oh/UU/RU because i cant beat weather". :\ lol
correct me if i'm wrong but didn't you say something similar to that (with ubers > yugioh duh) if weather was banned? ;/