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    Name: Dimitri Lancer

    Nickname: None.

    Age: 13

    Gender: Male

    Dorm: Suicune Dorm

    Appearance: Dimitri stands at five feet seven, making him quite a short adolescent. His face is a stumpy oval, with dark green eyes and a slightly flat nose. His build is rather scrawny, although you can see a little trace of muscle in his body. He has a pale complexion with several dark spots on his right arm, which looks like an old burn wound. A mass of spiky dark brown hair sits on top of his head, the tips pointing skywards. A big scar runs down from his left elbow, reaching all the way to his wrists. The cause for this is unknown.

    Dimitri often wears a black sleeveless T-shirt and thinner-than-normal white cargoes. In some occasions, however, he prefers to wear a plain white shirt and simple jeans with slash pockets. No matter what he wears, though, he always covers it with a custom tailored white blazer with blue linings, which has a V-neck that extends all the way to just above his belly button. He wears a platinum necklace with a strange box pendant, and a black fingerless bracer on his left arm that hides the part of his scar that isn't covered by his blazer sleeve. He wears black leather shoes, which looks ragged and contrasts with his overall appearance.

    On formal occasions, he wears mostly the same attire, though he does take off his bracers, covering the scar with a watch instead. He also takes off his necklace, which is replaced by a standard tie. His shabby shoes are also replaced by a dull brown one, though it's several sizes too big.

    Personality: Dimitri is confident in his Pokemon. While this does make Pokemon friendlier to him than they would be initially, this trait is a double-edged sword. Dimitri doesn't know when to stop, and is far too proud of himself and his Pokemon to realize the foes that he can't beat. He believes that his skill stands above all others, is rather snobbish, though this is often veiled by his happy-go-lucky nature.

    Dimitri is rather mischievous. It seems that he specializes in eavesdropping, and often threatens, with a chuckle no less, to reveal what he overheard, although most of the time this is a tease. In battle he is always optimistic that his Pokemon will win no matter what, and his Pokemon does tend to try its best to live up to Dimitri's expectations. Dimitri is almost never angry. He pouts a lot when someone annoys him, but it rarely ever goes beyond that border.

    History: Dimitri was born to a rich couple in an exclusive area of the city he came from. His family has access to various resources, such as state-of-the-art laboratories, museums with a fantastic array of collections on Pokemon, and even a little spy network which his father uses for political purposes. Dimitri have received top-notch education in Pokemon, both academically and practically. As such, he was able to pass the exams to enter the Suicune Dorm, albeit barely.

    Dimitri's father is a high-ranked and well-respected politician, and he doesn't show any interest in anything but work. It was thanks to that nature of his though, that the Lancer family is as wealthy as it is. His mother is a scientist specializing in biology that does it more because of hobby. She was the one that encouraged Dimitri to pursue the path of a trainer, and since his father was too busy to raise objections that's where Dimitri went.

    He started off in a rather small school at the outskirts of Nimbasa City to learn the basics, though those concepts he grabbed so quickly that the school returned him to his parents, the reason being that he would gain nothing from staying there, as he already grasped the materials they haven't even touched, and they had to teach all the kids. So Dimitri's mother hired a private teacher to teach him, and that's how he's been living up until now. The private teacher encouraged Dimitri to go to Pokemon Academy when he received his package, as did his mother. Since Dimitri was pretty neutral about it, he had no problem with going.

    Species: Squirtle (M)
    Nickname: None.
    Personality: Squirtle is very loyal to Dimitri, and acts like his bodyguard. Although Dimitri does appreciate that Squirtle cares about him, its overprotective nature often makes Dimitri want to back out of the nearest door. (Read: He can't stand it). He loves Dimitri as a trainer, though, so its Return will heavily damage its target.
    Lvl: 15
    Moveset: Fake Out, Return, Ice Beam, Surf, Toxic, Aqua Jet

    Species: Combee (F)
    Nickname: None.
    Personality: Combee is, despite her size and looks, a leader figure. Both Squirtle and Flareon look up to Combee and listens to her.
    Lvl: 14
    Moveset: Tailwind, Swift, Air Cutter, Bug Bite, Ominous Wind, Endeavor

    Species: Flareon (M) (You never said anything about second stage evolutions )
    Nickname: None.
    Personality: Flareon is energetic and upbeat. He enjoys the thrill of battle, though he's still learning the ropes.
    Lvl: 15
    Moveset: Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Quick Attack, Double Team, Wish, Protect
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