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    Name: Lyra Cadwell
    Gender: She's a lady. (and ladies shouldn't be messed with )
    Age: 17

    Appearance: Even if Lyra is considered a "bad" girl, she takes pride in her body and image. Her chocolate brown hair is always curled away from her face, and has lots of volume. Her best assist would be her cheekbones, which look like cute little sugarplums. Lyra enjoys wearing makeup and she considers her face her "canvas". A dramatic smokey eye and rosy red blush is her everyday look. Lyra thanks her Indian heritage for her tan skin. Lyra has maintained a strong workout for over a year now, giving her body nice results.

    Lyra loves fashion and is always trying to make new trends. Right now, Lyra is trying to get bandannas in style. Her outfit consists of a plain white tee that fits snuck against her body, a pair of dark wash skinny jeans that are folded at her ankles, and a pair of golden gladiator sandals. On her wrist rests a black bandanna. Lyra always wears a heart shaped locket around her neck. Inside the locket is a picture of her and her father when she was younger

    Personality: Don't let her looks fool ya, Lyra can be a hateful brat at times. She will do what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants. If things don't go her way, she will make it her mission to ruin the person that made it that way. She isn't afraid to state how she feel, and most of the time it is usually something hateful about how the person looks or what they wear.

    Lyra likes to be the center of attention, especially with boys. She realizes that boys are attracted to her, and she loves to lead them on only to break their hearts.
    History: Lyra's mother was only 16 when she had her, and the stress was too much for the poor girl... so she let go of her life one night. Luckily, Lyra's father kept care of her and soon turned out to be Lyra's one and only best friend. They did everything together.
    Lyra was always by his side and holding his hand.

    A new woman, and three older boys came into the picture when Lyra turned 8. Turns out, Lyra's father had a liking towards the woman and they soon got married. Lyra now had a mother and three brothers. She was so happy, she finally had a family!

    Tragedy struck when Lyra was 10. Something happened to her father at work, he just fell to the floor and wouldn't wake up. Lyra and her "family" rushed to the hospital to find out what was wrong. Mr. Cadwell was in a comma. No one knows why he was in a comma, but he was. Lyra spent every day next to her father on his hospital bed. She would tell him about how her day was, and how she wanted to grow up and become a famous pokemon breeder. She would read him stories and sing him songs.

    Ellen(her step mom) got sick of bringing Lyra to the hospital, so she told Lyra that she would have to stop visiting him. Lyra disagreed and said that if she kept visiting him he would wake up. Ellen thought that was dumb, it was obvious he wasn't gonna wake up. Lyra began to cry and held her self down in her chair. What happened next made Lyra realized that she didn't have a family anymore. Ellen clenched her hand and punched Lyra directly in the jaw. Shocked and scared, Lyra got up. She looked at her father's motionless body one last time then she exited the hospital with her abuser.

    Ellen's three sons and Lyra's step brothers were talented pokemon trainers. Ellen thought it would be a good idea for Lyra to be targets for the son's fire type pokemon. Lyra would spend 3 years getting burned and battered by the pokemon, while her so called family sat nearby pointing and laughing.

    At the age of 13, Lyra got the courage to run away from the hell hole. She packed her bags and stole $500 from Ellen's wallet and left. She didn't get far though.... Celadon City to be exact. She managed to get a hotel room for two night, but soon realized she would have to live outside if she couldn't find a way to get money. Lyra began asking for money from people that would exit and enter the Celadon Hotel. An older looking man came up to Lyra. He had a mustache that reached from one side of his lip to the other, a pair of glasses, and he had a large bald spot on the top of his head. He told Lyra he would give her $10,000 under one circumstance..... To this day Lyra is still ashamed of what she did with the creepy man. But it did give enough money to live.

    Lyra found an add for Richmount Academy, and decided if she wanted to become a breeder she would need a good education. She used most of her money to buy a plane ticket to go to the Tripon Region. Her first freshman and sophomore year there was impressive. She did all her work(even extra credit) and was one of the more like-able people there.

    Lyra began to get bored during her Junior year, she wasn't getting the attention she wanted from the boys so she decided to wear more revealing clothes, and she decided to do some more scandalous things. That definitely got her recognized in her grade.

    Lyra was somewhat shocked(lolwut?) when she heard all the rumours that were started about her in her Senior year. So she decided to figure out who made them up and give them a piece of her mind. She found out that a group of girls started most of the rumors... so she pumbled them to the ground. The fight ended up sending the girls to the hospital, the family insisted on suing Lyra, but the school said they would pay for the bills if Lyra went to summer school.
    Main Goal/Interest: Breeder/Groomer

    Egg Number: 10

    RP Sample:
    The sun was bright, maybe a little too bright for Ryan's taste. It was also hot, very hot, and if you knew Ryan you would know that she is not a big fan of the heat. Ryan dragged herself down the dirt path, she was tired and she had only been walking for fifteen minutes. In front of Ryan was a tiny orange and black ball of energy. It had a hold of a small rock, and was playfully hitting it with his snout, causing it to fly a couple feet in front of him, the Tepig would then squeal and run towards the rock and hit it again. He continued to do that for a good ten minutes until the rock hit something... an old red truck.

    Ryan gasped. She knew that farmers around here took their trucks very seriously and that some of the farmers wouldn't be afraid to hurt the people that damaged their trucks. Ryan quickly ran up to the truck and examined it for any dents or scratches. Luckily the rock did not cause any harm.

    "Hey!" A hoarse voice could be heard from a distance. Ryan quickly scooped up Tepig and tried to make a run for it. But she ran into the belly of a large old man, who was wearing a red button up plaid shirt and old worn out overalls. He looked like a farmer. "What do ya think ya doin hur, Honey?" .... yup he was defiantly a farmer.

    Ryan began to quiver. The man was old, large, and looked mean. "Sorry sir, my Tepig was playing with a rock and it kind of hit your truck." The man let out a small growl, which was a little odd for a man to be doing. "I'm so sorry." Ryan repeated. The old man scratched his long gray beard, as he looked at her. He was about to say something, but he noticed something.

    "Oh dang flabbit!" The man shouted as he ran towards his truck. Ryan awkwardly just stood there with her Tepig still in her hands. "This dern beast keeps on trying to get in my crops! I caint do nutin about it though!" The man seemed to get a little emotional about his crops. As he wiped away a tear he seem to have realized something. "You! You have one of them ther pokemans, If ya defeat this horrible beast I will give you an award." An award? Ryan smiled. "You got yourself a deal!" The old farmer smiled, showing his lovely.... four teeth. "My crops are down there, the beast is somewhere inside of dem eatin up all mah corn." He pointed down to a large field with many stalks of tall green corn.

    Ryan confidently marched down to the field with Tepig right by her side. She was thinking of what this beast could be, maybe it was a rabid Poochyena, or a crazy Lilipup, or an angry Shinx? Something began to russell in a patch near Ryan, she looked down at Tepig, who was staring directly at the moving patch. "Are you ready Tepig?" She asked her Fire Pig Pokemon. The Tepig nodded but still stood in "battle" stance. The beast seemed to be creeping closer and right when it was dead in front of Tepig Ryan shouted, "Tackle, now!"

    Tepig shot himself directly towards the beast, only to be surprised when he hit a large fluffy, pillow-like substance. But the pillow wasn't comfortable, it gave Tepig a nasty little shock. Tepig regained his stance and was ready to attack the pillow again. He charged towards the beast again only to be shocked yet again.

    "Mareep!" The beast growled, annoyed. The beast had been discovered.

    Ryan's mouth dropped when she realized that the beast had really turned out to be a cute little Pokemon. She pulled her Pokedex out of her bag and pointed it towards the large ball of fluff.

    Mareep, the Wool Pokémon. Mareep store static electricity in their woolly coat. They avoid battle and have mild dispositions.

    Ryan watched as the Mareep continued to eat the crops, not paying any attention to the Tepig that kept ramming into its cream, wool that was full of eltricity. "Tepig, stop." Ryan called. She couldn't just keep letting Tepig get shocked, while the Mareep took barely any damage. Tepig stopped attempting to tackle the Pokemon and looked at his trainer. "Listen, try your best not to touch the wool, it is shocking you." Tepig nodded and waited for further instruction. "Oh yeah," Ryan had forgotten that she had to continue calling out attacks. She pulled her Pokedex out again and looked through the list of attacks that Tepig had.

    "Ember." Ryan called out. Ember would be a good attack to use against Mareep, because Tepig would not have to actually touch the Sheep Pokemon.

    Tepig scrunched his snout and then released a few red specks of flame towards the Mareep. The flames hit the Mareep causing it to cry out in pain. Now the Mareep was mad. It ran towards Tepig and knocked him down with a tackle of it's own.

    Tepig growled and got back on his feet. "Try ember again!" Ryan shouted, knowing that the first ember had done a little damage to the Mareep. Tepig released more flames and just stood there watching them shoot towards Mareep, but this time Mareep dodged attack and hit Tepig with another tackle. Tepig stood his ground this time, but he was tiring out quickly.

    Ryan began to panic. "Okay try to use ember, but move them around. Do you understand what I mean?" Tepig nodded and attacked once more, this time shooting the embers out in different directions. Mareep dodged a couple but a few hit it directly. It cried in pain as the small specks of fire burnt it's skin. The embers had left a small singed spot of fur on it's forehead.

    Ryan had an idea. "Okay, Tepig use tail whip, but hit it on it's forehead." Tepig, who was breathing heavily, sprinted towards the Mareep, somersaulted in the air, and smacked his tail right on the Mareep's forehead. The Mareep cried out. "Now, ember!" Tepig let out another round of red flames right in the Mareep's face. Mareep cried as it fell to the ground. Tepig tackled it one more time, to make sure it was out-cold. The Mareep did not move. Ryan, a little baffled that her idea worked, grabbed a Pokeball and tossed it towards the Mareep.

    A red glow engulfed the Pokemon, and the ball landed on the ground and began to rock back and forth....

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