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Name: Alice Marie Stone

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance(also in signature):
Alice has very light, pale skin. Her hair is longer than normal, and appears very straight with no flips nor curls. Over time, the color of her hair has also changed from a brown to a gray for no logical reason. Alice's eyes are a darker shade of blue, but change into orange when the color hits the pupil. Overall she seems to have a dark image to match her personality.

She wears a long leather coat, and under it a basic white t-shirt on it w/ silver lined along the edges, and dark colored jeans. At her feet are leather boots to match her coat. Alice doesn't have many accessories, but she wears a chunky, solid chain necklace around her neck. The same kind off chains can be found on her wrists. She has many small and un-noticable scars on both her arms, but some can still be seen if looked at closely. Her most distinguishable scars are some burn scars on her left side, which cover her arm and leg. She is very thin, weighing 120. However, her height is 5'7.

Not very happy-go-lucky; if anything the opposite. Alice has a hard time communicating with people, and would rather keep quiet rather than share any information about herself nor her childhood. Instead, she finds comfort with her pokemon partners, and pretty much only those few pokemon. However, Alice is a hard worker. She's strong physically and emotionally, though not very clever when it comes to anything requiring a bit of thought. She opens up to few people, but when she does, you'll be lucky to have her on your side.

History: Alice grew up as an only child. She was spoiled by her parents very often, and she loved them as much as they loved her. Her parents were close to rich, both of them having successful careers. At the age of 5, her parents ended up having another child. Alice grew to love her new sister, and they got along very well, soon becoming the best of friends. Her sister was her life, and she cherished the child.

By age 10, she had just finished elementary school. Her parents went to pick her up, asking if she had said goodbye to her friends. She said yes. However, when they reached home, her father sent her inside to pack whatever she needed. Alice did so without question. As the family drove away, it was the last they'd see of their home. The child began asking questions, yet she was only answered with silence.

The family ended up moving to a distant region, far from their original area. Alice was sent to a new school, unable to make friends with many of the students. She became more distant from her educational life and ended up focusing on other things; her sister, her family, and a new activity she learned to love. Drawing. She was rather good at it too. Either it was humans or pokemon, she could make it. These small things kept her occupied, her mind off of the bullies at school, or the insults slammed at her daily.

When 8th grade passed, she spent most of her time outside, playing with her sister who also liked being outside in the sun. Alice felt relaxed, ready for High School, and to get a chance to meet new people. However, the good times didn't last long. About a week after her last day, tragic stroke the family. The news reported a house being burned to the ground, only one survivor left after the crisis. Alice was that survivor.

She didn't know why she had lived, nor what she would do for a living. She had no family, no friends, no house- nothing except for her chain necklace, and the clothing on her skin. Eventually, the girl found a school known as Richmount Academy. The school took her in, and she grew up distant from the rest of the students. However, the few people she talked to she loved and treated like her family. Alice could relate to many of the people in Rochmount, but stood quiet for no particular reason.

By her Senior year she had given up. Too lazy to do homework, she ended up doing other things to entertain herself. Of course, the girl finished having Fs all over her report card. But she didn't care. However, when she told she couldn't graduate, she freaked out in a small tantrum. Eventually she accepted her fate, and was sent to the Tripon Region to begin her work.

Main Goal/Interest: Artist

Egg Number: 11

RP Sample:
(text copied from

The trip was a long one.
She had crossed many seas, probably an ocean or two. Mrs. Cherry had explained something about a distant land named Kanto, apparently where Pokemon originated. It was there Jenna would recieve her first Pokemon, and she was quite eager about it. Apparently, Professor Cherry was in the Unova Region searching for people with a passion for Pokemon, hoping to get more people interested in the creatures. She was selected to be one of those people. And, hopefully, become a trainer when they reached Kanto.

Each day during their travels, Jenna would ask a new question about the creatures, hoping this would increase her understanding of them. One day she had even asked "Whats the strongest Pokemon?", a question Professor Cherry found no avail to answering. Jenna made a mental note to try and find it out someday.

Her 14 year old mind was brimming with ideas, dreams, imagination, discovery. She looked high at the sky, though she was bound to the ground, for the first time she found Pokemon who had the ability to fly; Pokemon Professor Cherry had named Wingulls. Jenna waved to them as they flew by. Being on a boat wasn't very exciting, so she would often try to entertain herself through doing small, random actions. In this case, waving at birds. In other cases, dash around the boat seeing how fast she could run until she tripped. To control Jenna's behavior, she would ask Jenna politely to stop and she would do so. Afterward, the woman would tell stories to pass the time, to keep Jenna's mind on other things other than the boat. It normally worked.


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