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    Name: Alice Martin
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Dorm: Suicune

    Alice is slightly short for her age, standing at only five feet tall. Her skin is fair, but looks paler compared to her dark, ebony black hair. Her hair is shoulder length, with straight cut bangs covering her forehead. Her eyes are a hazel color, which blend toward a medium green. Alice can appear somewhat scrawny, but that shouldn't make anybody think she can't put up a fight. Alice likes to dress in what can be considered "formal attire", which are usually long wool coats, her favorite being the red and black plaid one. Alice always wears a large amount of bracelets on both arms, varying from the ones made out of string, to golden ones, to the cheap rainbow beaded ones.

    Personality: Alice isn't too social or antisocial. She can tolerate people and talk to them when needed, but in general, they do not phase her. If someone seems interesting enough, Alice will be more than happy to strike up a conversation and try to be their friend. She holds grudges against very popular people, as the ones she had known before had proven to be very snobbish. She enjoys pranking them, although this usually results in hurting their feelings. Anybody who has the idea that they are better than everyone else annoys Alice, and so she reflects their own cockiness against them by acting the same way.

    When Alice is faced with something she really doesn't want to do, she disregards it and pushes it aside, no matter how top priority it is. Alice tries to do something new everyday, because she feels that the possibilities of finding a new hobby are endless. One day, she could be obsessed with trying to accomplish difficult yo-yo tricks, and the next she could be reading up on poisonous mushrooms. Alice has trouble putting herself in the perspective of others, so she gets frustrated when she can't take a good guess as to whether someone is mad at her or simply tired. As a result of this, she likes to confuse people as much as possible, often doing reckless things that don't even make sense to her.

    Alice analyzes things that are mysterious to her, and always attempts to figure them out in one way, shape or form. She is often viewed as awkwardly creative, since she can make up very bizarre stories on the spot. These stories are told to her teachers the most, because it helps distract them from the oh so boring lessons Alice already knows. Alice adores Pokémon and treats them more like pets than creatures born to fight one another. She hates it when people try to tell her how to raise her Pokémon and how to do certain things. Although she is a good student and gets her work done, she tends to goof off a lot during class, making it easy for teachers to resent her.

    History: Alice has always lived in Saffron City with both her parents. She didn't get much attention from them since she has a little sister, Erica, with a condition called, "Osteogenesis Imperfecta", also known as, "Brittle bones". Alice was always taking care of Erica, preventing her from breaking anything, as she could barely run without snapping her leg like a twig. Her whole life, Alice wanted to get a proper education. Because she constantly begged her parents, she was sent to a local "elementary school" when she was nine. This school was for young kids who were planning to become trainers at a later age. Alice always put her little sister and studies first, so she did fairly well in school.

    Even though she was good in terms of grades, she was constantly sent him with reports on how bad her behavior in class was, as she often pestered other students while the teacher's back was turned. Alice's parents thought that if she wasn't corrected soon, she would be kicked from class. No matter how much they talked to her about it, her behavior persisted. When Alice turned fourteen, her parents realized that maybe constantly caring for Erica was starting to make Alice feel less important, therefore she talked all she could at school. To correct this, her parent signed her up for "The Pokémon Trainer Academy" so that she could take a break from watching her sister and maybe feel less ignored.

    Alice wasn't very fond of the idea, but she didn't argue, either. Leaving her sister at home scared her, but her parents assured her that Erica would be taken care of well. Alice went looking for Pokémon, despite not having a Pokémon of her own or any Pokéballs. She soon discovered a lone Vulpix, but she couldn't get near him as he would breathe fire when she tried to get near. Alice decided to take it slow, and so she would visit his area every day and feed him some berries. Eventually, Alice gained the Vulpix's trust and talked him into going with her. She bought five Pokéballs with the little allowance she had, and tossed one at the Vulpix, who she named Jem. The two became very close, and soon Alice was confident she would do well at an academy with a great friend like him. They battled many trainers together, sometimes losing, and sometimes winning. Along the way, Jem helped her capture her two other Pokémon. Bean, a Bulbasaur, and Savannah, an Absol.

    Because Alice still wasn't officially in the Pokémon Trainer Academy, she had to continue attending the small school in her home town. There, she often showed off her Pokémon to the other students, mostly the arrogant kids. This easily made the conceited students very jealous, as none of their parents had allowed them to get a Pokémon until they completed this small school. Alice's parents wanted her to finish the school year at this school before transferring, but it couldn't be done. One of the more jealous students went over to Alice and poured ice cold water on her. This made her very angry, and she tackled the student to the ground. Before she could give the student a black eye like she wanted, they were separated by a teacher, and Alice was kicked from school. Nobody believed her when she said the other student started it, as she was already known for bad behavior. Alice was sent home, and her parents warned her that if she continued acting like this at the academy, she would be sent to boot camp. The rest of Alice's would be school year was spent doing what she liked best; caring for her Pokémon and for Erica.


    Species: Vulpix
    Nickname: Jem
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Jem is a calm and well-mannered Pokémon. He likes to sleep anywhere that is comfortable enough. He doesn't like to be touched by strangers, and will breathe fire on them without a second thought. Jem enjoys the company of other Pokémon and loves to play "chase" with them. Despite normally being calm, he can become fiery during battles and doesn't take any opponents lightly.
    Level: 14
    Moveset: Energy Ball, Sunny Day, Hypnosis, Will-o-wisp, Flare Blitz, Quick Attack

    Species: Bulbasaur
    Nickname: Bean
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Bean is feisty and doesn't like other people or Pokémon. He can be stubborn at times and hates it when people disrespect him for any reason. He doesn't like when his opinions or desires are questioned. Bean can be warm and a good companion when he trusts you and he feels you are good enough for him. Although hotheaded, his anger isn't something that can easily blind and immobilize him; he knows when to control his temper.
    Level: 15
    Moveset: Leech Seed, Vine Whip, Poisonpowder, Take Down, Skull Bash, Leaf Storm

    Species: Absol
    Nickname: Savannah
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Savannah can be described as confident and willing to do her best to battle well. She hates to lose but doesn't let that get to her. Savannah always wants to stay by her trainer's side, as she is loyal and cares about others. She hates when people stereotype her and assume she is bringing natural disasters, as Absol are known for being able to predict such things.
    Level: 14
    Moveset: Quick Attack, Thunder, Stone Edge, Faint Attack, Sucker Punch, Zen Headbutt
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