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    (May I? I've never tried one of these before.)

    Name: Skye Odell

    Nickname: N/A

    Age: 12

    Gender: Male

    Dorm: Entei

    Appearance: Skye has short, auburn hair frequently called windswept and sandy brown skin. His face is slightly freckled and his eyes are a muted shade of turquoise. He is slightly over five feet, having not quite hit his growth spurt yet. His limbs are long and lean from running from his brother and Zorua. Skye wears a thin grey long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans with frayed sleeve ends. His socks are usually black and Skye has white gym shoes to finish it off. Sometimes, if you look closely enough, you can see the crystal pendant around his neck.

    Personality: Skye's a very strange sort of character. He appears very timid and does not like looking others in the eyes. He says very little to others and most of the time his words are half-finished or mumbled as he looks down at his feet. Perhaps it is because of his stutter. The more wound-up or emotional he gets, the worse it comes out. Yet when everyone else is in a panic or doesn't understand what's going on, he's actually quite calm. Skye rolls with the punches then and tries his best to help out, even if his struggle to speak messes with him.

    Skye doesn't appreciate pity or any other emotion or the sort. He thinks it hurts more than any rude words. Skye loves his Pokemon because they don't always need his words to understand him. He works very hard but looks very despondent even when he's happy. Most of the time he just stays quiet and out of the way. It's not like people will want to talk to him anyhow, at least that's how it seems.

    History: Skye was born in Unova, in Nacrene City. His mother was a trainer in the Gym for Lenora and his father was an artist who even had a few pieces of work sent ahead to Castelia. He had an older brother, who frequently chased him around the house for fun. However, he hasn't seen Cameron in three years, which makes him wonder where the boy went after his trainer journey started. He does know the young man became rather famous but that's it really. Skye has no idea why he stutters but doctors suspect it was due to the time his mother got mugged in an alley. They knocked herself and her son into a wall and he hit his head. He tries not to really think about why.

    Nacrene was a tiny city, not exactly the best place to get an education on Pokemon. But Lenora was a smart person and regularly taught small classes in the library next door to the Gym. To encourage him to go, his parents gave him Ellie. He already liked Pokemon; he just didn't know he wanted to battle with them. At first, people made fun of him but because he never reacted, the teasing just faded away and turned into a strange sort of group. They weren't friends but they got along pretty well. It was during a lesson, a trip through Pinwheel Forest, that Skye literally ran into Zorua. The boy had thought he was another kid and tried to get him to come back with them, thinking he was a new student. But he got so tongue-tied trying to explain this that Zorua turned back, thinking he was having trouble breathing. He was, but not too much. Zorua decided to follow him back, make sure he didn't die. Then he decided not to leave.

    His parents heard about the Pokemon Trainer Academy from Cameron, who had visited there at one point. Cameron gave Skye Larvesta as an egg and the idea to go. Skye wanted to: it wasn't like he couldn't do his speech therapy there. He knew none of the others would really miss him. When he took the exam, the written portion went excellently. Unfortunately the physical did not. It required shouted commands and he was not good at those.


    Species: Eevee (Female)
    Nickname: Ellie
    Personality: Ellie is affectionate and loyal, an eternal friend. She's naive and curious, but prefers Skye's head to exploring. She's energetic, hates losing, and will endure just about anything, the attack aside. It's fun to watch her bounce around.
    Lvl: 12
    Moveset: Flail, Shadow Ball, Dig, Tackle

    Species: Zorua (Male)
    Nickname: Rama
    Personality: Rama is not like some Zorua. Sure he likes a good prank once in a while, and always enjoys illusions, but most of the time, he trots mellowly by Skye's side, preferring his company. He's a calm fellow, a bit of a lazy one who likes cuddling. However, if you have angered him and you are in his general vicinity, run and don't look back. Or he will find you.
    Lvl: 14
    Moveset: Scratch, Pursuit, Dark Pulse, Return

    Species: Larvesta (Male)
    Nickname: Volca
    Personality: Volca's a quiet Pokemon, not really saying or doing much of anything unless Skye asks him to fight. He hangs from the ceiling sometimes and drops down just to scare people. Surprisingly, it has never worked on Skye. He is usually a messenger or bodyguard outside Skye's room, crawling on the ceiling to pass notes across the academy. Yeah, he's weird.
    Lvl: 15
    Moveset: Zen Headbutt, Flamethrower, Leech Life, Acrobatics, Wild Charge, String Shot
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