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    Name: Cheyenne Sharp

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Cheyenne has shoulder length, curly, auburn hair and midnight blue eyes. Her hair is often pulled into a ponytail, and is rarely ever seen with her hair down, except when sleeping. Her ponytail is often folded up to fit underneath a red baseball cap. Cheyenne stands at about five foot six. Her skin leans more into a lighter tone, only slightly lighter than a peach color. She would most likely be described as skinny, and is more on the petite side, though she is not to be mistaken as a weak person.

    Cheyenne commonly wears a long-sleeved, orange and white stripped shirt. The shirt sleeves are almost always rolled up to her elbows, and she occasionally wears a brown cardigan over top of her shirt. She wears light blue denim shorts. Despite the fact that she prefers to go barefoot, she does have a pair of white sneakers that she will wear in necessary situations.

    Personality: Stated simply, Cheyenne is a smart mouth. She tends to be very sarcastic, and is very out spoken. She will not hesitate to say whatever is on her mind, and thus, she often gets herself into various forms of trouble. She will rarely ever admit to being wrong, and usually just shrugs it off when she is meant to do so. She is easily tempered, another attribute to the amount of trouble she gets in, and is thus prone to fighting, even physically if it may come to that. Despite her bad temper and sarcastic nature, she is actually fairly nice, in the sense that she is willing to help others.

    Cheyenne strongly dislikes laziness. She does not appreciate when others do not pull their own weight, and will often take action to correct the act. Cheyenne will not openly admit it, but she is terrified of the dark. As a child, it was not a fear she possessed, but it had developed over more recent years. Cheyenne is a hard worker, and is always willing to do more than asked, usually as an attempt to cure her constant boredom. Cheyenne enjoys photography, and is thus often seen with a camera.

    History: Cheyenne's past is generally common knowledge. Her mother died when she was still a child, and was raised by her father and older brother, Jayden. Her father spent a lot of time away, thus leaving her and her brother one her own. Her brother was always eight years older than her, yet he never left home for any reason, knowing that she needed to be taken care of. In the eyes of her father, Cheyenne always came in second to Jayden. It may have been because she was the youngest, or because she was a girl, the answer she didn't know.

    Cheyenne had been out late at the lake the night everything was lost. Going out the lake at night was her way of calming down, and she had gone after a fight with her father, who had just returned home from a long trip. When she returned home, all the lights were on, so she didn't figure much was going on. Despite the lateness, her father and brother often stayed up at night working on some of her father's research. Though, not finding them in the study did set off an alarm in her head. She soon found out that her father had been murdered. Her brother, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen. After the events of that night, she waited around town for a couple of months, searching for her brother. She never found any evidence that he had been killed, but he seemed to be missing. This night is what brought forth her fear of the dark, or more accurately, the night time.

    Cheyenne decided to go to Richmount in an attempt to move on. Staying in the place she had been wasn't proving useful, and she knew she needed to get on with her life. At Richmount, she tried her best to stay under the radar, but due to her outspoken personality, this proved to be more difficult than she imagined. She constantly got in trouble, the reasons differing between arguing with teachers, to physically fighting with other students. The main reason behind her not graduating, is the immense amount of fights she was in, and the constant vandalizing of school property. The reason behind her vandalizing, is due to when people would refuse to listen to her, so she put her thoughts in places that couldn't be ignored.

    Main Goal/Interest: Cheyenne's goal is to be a Pokemon Photographer

    Egg Number: 3

    RP Sample: Taken from Darkness Reigns

    Rikki looked up at the midnight sky, allowing the feel of the human world to
    sink in. She knew, above that sky was the Kingdom of Light, a place she had
    never been, and had been warned about since she was born. The wind was
    breathing lightly across the place where she stood, carrying the scents of the
    numerous humans bustling through New York City.

    She crinkled her nose,
    the smell nauseating her. She watched as the other two Darkness Angels landed
    beside her, giving them a moment to get used the human worlds gravitational
    pull. To her right, Rosie landed. Rosie was a black haired beauty, with
    lilac-purple eyes. Rikki thought of her as a vain girl, always preoccupied with
    her looks. Her wings were jet-black and took up a large amount of space, but
    they weren't yet as long as Rikki's.

    Her eyes turned to her left, where
    Alex had landed. He was the only boy in the Angels of Darkness, at least in
    their little group. Like Rosie, he had black hair, accompanied by black eyes.
    He was a little more laid back then Rikki would have preferred, but she knew he
    could get the job done when called on. Quite honestly, the two of them had
    trouble getting along since they had started training together. Rikki liked
    violence, often picking fights just for the fun of it, and that seemed to get
    under his skin. His wings were just as dark as her's and Rosie's, but somehow,
    his wings had managed to become longer than Rikki's, which caused her to be a
    bit bitter about the fact.

    Rikki, on the other hand, was very different
    from them both, appearance and personality wise. Unlike how they were both
    perfect pictures of the Darkness Kingdom, with black hair and dark eyes, Rikki
    had bright blond hair, streaked with red, and light green eyes. Her wings were
    a little lighter than the other Angels, and were spanned out twice as much as
    her height. Some in the Kingdom had often referred to her as a Darkness Angel
    wannabe, thinking she was too light, and was more fit to be an Angel of Light.
    This was one reason why Rikki never [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]liked[/COLOR][/COLOR] any of the people in the Kingdom. It
    didn't matter though, she was stronger, and more important than them. She had a
    purpose, they were just taking up space.

    Rikki dug something out of her
    pocket, a small device often used in the human world, known as a phone. She had
    been given three, one for each of them, so they could split and still
    communicate. The first one was a violet color, and she tossed it to Rosie. The
    second one was a dark tint of yellow, and she tossed this one to Alex. Her's
    was a forest green color, which she kept in her pocket.

    "Rosie, I want
    you to take the East side of the city. You are looking for a man by the name of
    Sam. Apparently, he's got some information on a kid who's been showing some
    remarkable talents that could possibly be related to the abilities of the heir
    to the Darkness Kingdom." Rikki said in a demanding tone.

    Then she
    turned to Alex. "Kid, you're taking on the West side of the city. There's a
    series of streets and clubs that are notorious for their gangs. Trainer says
    that would be an ideal location to scourer for the heir." she said, crossing
    her arms. "If you have a problem with it, what are you gonna do about it?" she

    "I'll be tracing the skies, looking out for the Angels of
    Light. If I spot one, I'll send you a message. When you finish with your [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]job[/COLOR][/COLOR], we're meeting at a motel towards the
    northern edge of the city. Trainer explained all this to you before hand, but
    told me to brief you. When you reach the motel, you state that you are in the
    Angel Party. They will give you the key and room number. We're all sharing a
    room, so no fighting over who sleeps where. Do you both understand me?" Rikki
    looked between both of the, her smirk still evident.

    Is this okay? If anything needs to be fixed or changed, tell me, and I'll do my best to fix it. Also, I want to apologize for how the RP sample looks, my computer is being a little bit difficult.
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