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Originally Posted by myrrhman View Post
Oh hey, I'm back after a month or so...

Many things have been going on, including but not limited to:

Me getting a job
Me going on vacation to Charelston
My girlfriend getting a super awesome job, where she basically gets to travel the US and get free travel, meals, and hotels. And she gets paid to watch little kids while their parents are at conventions. ON TOP OF THAT she gets to take someone with her (wouldn't want employees to get lonely, would we) so I'm with her going to Alaska and Hawaii and places. Not gonna lie, its pretty awesome.
My trivia team getting invited to the trivia championships and getting 3rd place (worth $500 split 4 ways).
A friend and I getting every single artifact on Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. That's a whole bunch of grinding. At the end, we were getting like one artifact every two hours of gameplay. It was ridiculous.
Probably other stuff that I can't remember.

So, as you can see, I've had a pretty full summer so far. But, hopefully I'll be able to get back to my Pokemon playing. I've started working on an old fashioned Catch 'em All challenge for Blue. I have at least the basic form of every obtainable Pokemon in the game, now I have to play through Red a few times to get Blastoise/Charizard, Vaporeon/Flareon, and the Version Exclusives. Then I just have to grind grind grind and I'll be done!
You have such a full summer. I have absolutely nothing to do. :/ I wish I could invite my friends over to play games and stuff, but they think it's really necessary to sit around and study. It's SUMMER. Have a little fun. /near rant

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