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    Name: Markus Green

    Gender: Male
    Age: 18

    Appearance: Markus has shaggy blonde hair, and green eyes. He is of average build, not working out much and standing 6’ 1” look like your normal college kid. He is currently Tan thanks to the summer.
    Markus has a short sleeve black dress shirt with strips and a pair of denim jeans, held up by a leather belt. Hanging next to his right side is a messenger bag where he keeps items.

    Personality: Markus is an easy going guy, he could easily be seen as obnoxious as he is loud and laughs a lot. He also cares a lot for people and Pokémon, and will often try to comfort them in times of need. Markus becomes red with rage when he is angry and often become violent, whether verbal or physical, lashing out at everyone around him.
    Markus is a slacker at heart and is probably why he failed high school. He can though be lit on fire about some things, one of which is Pokémon. The few things that he is passionate about he strives for with all his heart.

    History: Markus lived in Celadon city where his parents “worked at the game corner. In actuality they were rocket grunts. Markus was accustomed to stay at home by himself all day. He loved to watch professional Pokémon battles whenever they were on. He aspired to be a Pokémon master.
    While he was watching Pokémon, his parents were stealing them. After taking a sleeping gas filled decoy disguise as a pokeball from the police force, the two were sent to prison.. He was sent to Richmount Academy, orphaned and betrayed by his parents he vowed to live his life help others not hurting them.

    Main Goal/Interest: Pokémon Ranger

    Egg Number: 15

    RP Sample:
    As the P.A system announced the arrival at New Bark Town, Dan stood up from his chair on the rickety raft that they called a boat. It had been a while since he saw the luxury hallways of the S.S Anne, Aqua and other cruises ships he had sailed on countless times as a league champion. He looked out at New Bark Town, it was like looking onto a movie set of a horror movie, the buildings laid in ruins and the grass dead. All that remained was the lab and it was heavily armor and equipped with weapons, next to the lab was a dead Rattata.

    Dan remembered how beautiful it used to be before the war consumed it. He wished the Pokémon storage system wasn’t down or he would just fly directly to mew and stop this war. He remembered that fateful day when the Kanto Pokémon storage system was attacked. He was enjoying the 4th day of the summer break from the indigo league. He had just deposited his Pokémon 2 days ago when a new report saying the Kanto-Johto servers were disconnected from the mainframe as a result of a Pokémon attack. The news reporters assured that the Pokémon were safe but it would be impossible to withdraw them. Even though the system had been rebooted it still hasn’t been connected to the mainframe.

    “Oh well.” Dan said as he approached the Lab. He knocked a loud strong knock and heard footsteps approaching. Cold war-harden eyes meet Dan’s and a stereotype voice asked “You one of the trainers?”

    “Yes,” Dan replied in a trust me I pack a punch sort of tone. The next thing Dan knew he was pulled into the lab and the strange man began to talk.

    “You’ll be winging it solo, it give the Pokémon less of a chance to attack. The Pokémon here are like the rest of the world but even more vicious and fearful. If just one of them gets you down you’ll have a thin chance for survival. Ah here we are,” he said as they came to another steel door. “Here you’ll get your weapon, equipment, and some more information. Well I’ll see you later,” he said as he walked away.

    “Hello there!” said a kind faced man who sat in the lab. Out of his drawer he pulled out a pitch black belt with multiple odds and ends. “There’s a dagger incase of danger before you catch your first Pokémon. There’s also a canteen, a compass, a GPS among other things.” As the professor said this Dan replaced his belt with the new one.

    ” I’ll take that” said the professor as he put it in a locker with Dan’s name on it. “If I get anything for you I’ll put it in this locker. Now please choose a weapon for self defense.”
    Dan kindly rejected.

    “No? Well no matter here take this.” The professor hands you a small silver device that looks exactly like a watch, except that it’s made of various metals and other tough materials. “This is the new pokédex we have been working on. It also functions as a poketch. Well this look like everything, have luck on your journey. Bye."

    Dan walk out of the lab and discarded everything the professor snuck in his bag. He broke the tamer ball in half and threw each peace in a different direction and replaced it with a pokéball he found laying around his house. When he was done he picked up his pack and walked towards route 29.
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