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    Name: Ace Star Black

    Nickname: Dark

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Dorm: Suicune Dorm

    Appearance: He has long Black Hair and Dark Blue eyes. He is usually wearing jeans, green T-shirt, gray jacket which is very thin, white trainers and also a yellow scarf around it's neck. On he's left shoulder is a tattoo of a Legendary Flame Pokemon. Sometimes he is also wearing a dark sunglasses. He's Height is 5'6 and he's Weight is 150 lbs.

    Personality: He's very nice to his friends and Pokemon, but he hates his enemies and all bad people that hurts his friends, family or even Pokemon. Sometimes Ace acts arrongant and mean even to his friends and Pokemon.

    His friends like to hang out with him when he isn't arrongant, but if he is acting like that, his friends aren't even talking to him much, and they most likely get in a fight.

    History: His hometown is Snowpoint City, Sinnoh. Most of his friends are living in Snowpoint too. When Ace was 12 he met his Sneasel in Snowpoint and catched it with a Great Ball.

    When Ace was 13 years old he started to go on a Pokemon journey, but he wasn't able to beat even first Gym Leader and he gave up, but he caught Lotad with evolved into Lombre later and he also got an egg which hatched into a Swablu. 2 months after he started his journey he came back and he was disspointed in himself, later he heard his friends talking about Pokemon Academy and he wanted to join it so he would become a better trainer.

    Ace has a Mom, Dad and 2 Sisters, also Ace has his own pet, Growlithe, Growlithe's nickname is Growlie, Growlie is a Bad Doggy, he makes a lot of troubles just like Ace.


    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Cotton
    Personality: Cotton loves cleanliness and is quick to wipe off any unclean surface with its cotton-like wings. Also Cotton loves to sing, but her singing makes everyone fall asleep.
    Lvl: 15
    -Dragon Rush
    -Hyper Voice

    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Leafy
    Personality: Leafy is a calm pokemom, but if somebody gets in fight, Leafy uses Water Gun on them. Also Leafy loves to dance.
    Lvl: 15
    -Giga Drain
    -Water Gun
    -Leech Seed
    -Fury Swipes
    -Nature Power

    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Ice
    Personality: Ice is very confident and he likes to tease another Pokemon, but he isn't bad Pokemon. Also Ice just loves to battle and he also likes to get in fights, his also Ace's first Pokemon.
    Lvl: 15
    -Ice Punch
    -Fake Out
    -Crush Claw
    -Faint Attack
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