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Um, it's possible to write. You can have characters that just don't swear because that's how they were raised or something. There are people like that, so it would make sense that there would be characters like that. And yes, a lot of swearing in any kind of story might seem forced (not just in things based on children's shows).

It's just that (to borrow from Stephen King) sometimes characters have to swear because that's a good response to what they're going through, and a writer should tell the truth about their characters. Like you said, sometimes characters just have to let out a good curse when they're angry or under stress.

So yes, I do agree that some characters can be written not to swear. I'm doing it, because as was said earlier, that's the truth about the character. But there are characters who swear, and that's the truth about them. Even if the character's from a children's-based franchise because the fic might have them in those situations.
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