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    Curious. you have been accepted into the Suicune Dorm and you will be able to catch more pokemon and have pokemon in your box. And thank you for not giving your Piplup hydro pump I am a little disappointed that most people just gave their pokemon super strong moves that are unreasonable for a pokemon at that level.

    Makbets you have been accepted into the Suicune Dorm. but you might need to change the pics for your pokemon.

    My Sign Up
    Name: Jack Jacobs

    Nickname: JJ

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Dorm: Entei Dorm

    Appearance :
    Jack has dark brown hair and wears a black t-shirt and brings around his Red Jacket a symbol of which dorm he is a part of. He is always seen in his Lugia pendant something that he sees symbolic of power and elegance. He also has a red headband.

    Personality: Jack started out as a jovial person but after his failed attempt at the pokemon league. During he travels he saw many things which had an influence on why he behave the way he does now. Jack is usually very silent and keeps to himself but is in no way shy. Jack also has a strong sense of justice and can't stand bullying or the mistreatment of pokemon. Sometimes Jack can be perceived as some with a smug attitude and adults would usually see him as a rude and disrespectful(Your going to see alot of this). Jack says what he feels and doesn't keep things bottled up, if he thinks your an idiot he will tell you to your face. He is Uncensored but will always defend the little guy since they remind him off himself. Jack is sometimes lazy though and not one who loves the spotlight that's why he intentionally flunked his written exam and aced his practical so that he would be considered as regular and not as a slacker from the Raikou Dorm or one of the pricks from the Suicune Dorm who thinks they are better than everyone else.

    History: Growing up like any kid his age Jack wanted to be a pokemon trainer and lived most of his life around and with pokemon. His mother and father being scientist and aids for the great Prof. G. Oak. The first pokemon Jack met and ever cared for was his now strongest pokemon Scyther. When it was time for Jack to go on his adventure he chose a Charmander and set off on his journey full of confidence and happiness. This quickly changed though and defeat after defeat had Jack wondering if it was even worth it anymore until the call came in about the trainer academy. Jack knew that if his dream was to ever come true this could really help and readily accepted.


    Species: Scyther
    Nicknam: Blade
    Moveset:Quick Attack, Night Slash, Focus Energy, Leer, Vacuum Wave, Counter

    Species: Charmander
    Nicknam: Blaze
    Moveset:Scratch, Flamethrower, Smokescreen, Dig, Focus Punch, Dragon Pulse

    Species: Onix
    Nicknam: Rocky
    Moveset: Tackle, Bind, Screech, Rock Throw, Rock Polish, Rock Smash

    By the way I'm thinking of starting sometime tonight.
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