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Here it is!
Valentine Robert Curamos


20 (he was held back a year and was on the older side of the class average anyway)

Valentine is rather tan in skin color, a rich color that’s light brown but not completely dark; just as if he goes to the beach every week. He has over the average amount of body hair, but as he is wearing clothing all the time it doesn’t really stick out as a feature unless he’s wearing a V-Neck or something to the tune of such. However, this does apply to his face, since he’s very rugged in the facial hair department. He’s surprisingly well-groomed. He has wispy black hair, which isn’t particularly long at all. Muscles are barely noticeable.

He wears a red-and-white checkered sweatshirt that’s well-fitted and made out of rough material. He wears the hood depending on his surroundings and preference at the time. He wears a white undershirt that is otherwise blank besides for the words “BOMB CAPE” written on it. He wears slightly baggy, olive-colored cargo pants which have a black loop of fabric going down his left side.

Resilient: He has a quite intriguing ability to recover from emotional stress easily and quickly, and keep his feelings light and content. But, he has a trouble creating tight emotional bonds with things and people (and Pokémon!), even if he means to; because this interferes with such ability. He can still have meaning to relationships, just not an unbreakable bond.

Honest: He has an inner policy to honest and truthful; to “own up” to things he’s done and explains situations in whole as others usually wouldn’t. The twist of this is that when he needs to lie or is trying to become a goal, he will use his honesty in funny ways to create a subjective truth so he can progress with something. Some may call this an ability to be misleading or deceitful; he calls this better than flat out lying.

Creative: He lets his mind wander to all corners of his brain. He loves thinking of ideal situations, plot summaries, characters, you name it. He’s very idealistic and a bit stubborn about his ideas; which can be crippling in a situation that calls for diplomacy. He possesses knowledge to complete goals and plenty of creativity to especially make something unique and effective, but he tends to drift into ideas instead of dealing with what he has.

Dark….?: Valentine likes thoughts and ideas of dark, macabre things. A bit morbid in mind patterns. And likes it. He uses this to point out horrible things in a situation and for his own enjoyment. This is also deeply rooted in his creativity. This aspect of personality seems to be catching up with him, since the more mature he gets, the more slightly sadistic he seems. Not like he would hurt anyone, but, the air of fear can come from really taking notice of his habits.

Talents: Information Gathering and Application, Creative Thought, Hands-on Things, and Drawing (to a degree)

Weaknesses: Activities Requiring Endurance, Time Limits, and Giving Sympathy

Habits/Foibles: An oral fixation and strange tendencies to shred up cloth and paper into little pieces if they are in his hands.

Before Richmount, valentine was put up in an adoption agency, and his parents were never heard from again. He doesn’t know his real last name. He would get adopted, but it would never stick, and he constantly changed house to house and surname to surname. His mind was his home, since the house he was in would only be there for maybe a year, tops. After his last home, The Curamos-es (which he kept their last name), the adoption agency sent him to go live at Richmount. He did decent there, being held back only once. He was usually too busy with his head in the clouds to take notes in classes he wasn’t interested in. He had a group of friends he hung out with, but other than that, a bit of a loner. Last year attending, he accidentally poisoned a ton of People and Pokémon because of a screwed up recipe he had made practicing when he was on kitchen duty for a culinary class. This outraged the Headmaster, who told him that this was unacceptable and highly dangerous, and that he was not quite yet fit out for the world of Pokémon. So off to the ranch Valentine goes, to learn more about the fine art of Pokémon and because he almost killed a chunk of the student body. But hey, we’re all human and make mistakes.

Main Goal/Interest:
He’s mostly interested in becoming a Breeder, and a bit of a Coordinator.

Egg Number: Five (Shiny Indigo)


RP Sample:

-A character named Yooza is capturing a Yanma-

Yooza’s stomach yelled with anger. He gripped his belly and felt the pain rolling in his sides. Sandra rolled her eyes in contempt.
“Dear God, I need something to eat. I didn’t even realize I was even this hungry.” He said.
“Maybe you should have thought about that before.” Sandra hissed.
“How was I going to know I’d be this starving? I felt fine five minutes ago.”
He droned out what Sandra said to him in reply, because he couldn’t care any less. But in that time, he did remember that the tress outside grew Oran berries! He walked away without another word to the she-beast and went out the transparent door.

Yooza picked one ripe Oran Berry from the first tree he saw, and ate it in delight. He did this exact same thing over and over for the next couple of minutes until a Yanma landed on the same tree just a little higher than what he could reach.
“Um.” He said preceding a slight pause “hello.”
“Yan!” He creature spat out at Yooza, startling him somewhat.
Yooza decided to carry on picking Oran Berries without another word to this thing. But, the Yanma, a quick as fire, dashed for his reaching hand and grabbed it by its tiny, but notheless strong mouth. Yooza immediately pulled away in fright, and then filled with anger.
“Who the hell do you think you are?!” He said.
Just then, the Yanma dashed for him again. He smacked it with his hand and it spun to the side. Now, it was absolutely furious. All the while hiding fear, Yooza picked out a random Pokéball from his belt without a care which of his buddies it contained, and threw it to the ground.
“Litwick!” said the tiny candle Pokémon as it busted out of its ball.
“Alright Tipp,” Yooza said to the Litwick, “teach this thing a lesson by-“ The Yamna then unleashed its tackle attack right in the middle of Yooza’s little speech and damaged Tipp, the little thing squealing out of surprise and pain as Yanma did so. And with no further hesitation, Yooza shouted:
“Flame Burst!” Tipp couldn’t be happier to oblige, as it unleashed it seemingly almost a second before the command was finished.
The Yanma came spiraling down and increased its damage by smacking right on a rock that stood near the battle field. It struggled to breath for a second.
“Flame Burst again!” Yooza demanded, feeling a sense of superiority now.
And after the attack was done, the Yanma was fainted at last. Yooza walked over and examined it.
“Must’ve been low-leveled, not being able to handle a few hits and all.” And Yooza pulled out the luxury ball he had gotten earlier that day. He smiled as he thought about catching this thing. “Yanma ca be pretty effective in battle,” he said and then turned, “don’t you think, Tipp?” Tipp just smiled and blinked. Yooza turned back to the Yanma, and let loose of his Luxury Ball.

Please tell me if you have any critique for my mock RP example!
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