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Originally Posted by myrrhman View Post
I guess this is the best place to do this. I'm going to attempt to start back up Alpha Fan now that I'm back to PC. Anyone interested? I think the best idea is to have like 4-6 people working on it, and keeping in communication via skype or AIM or something. Its too much of a bother to PM all 5 people every time one person finds something out. Plus, with AIM or skype, we can have set times where we all meet up and talk about stuff. Sooooo, anyone interested?
Myrrh, this is an intervention. You need to move on from the outdated AIM and indulge yourself in a world of amazing by downloading and using MSN. Syd, myself and most of the other challengers use MSN, so it's sort of a necessary communication tool if we want to have a great challenge event for GT8.

Also happy birthday to challenges! /needs to be more active here

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