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    Here's my sign-up!

    Name: Xoxaa Lizarkia

    Nickname: Xo, or Lizard because of her last name and her preference for the dragon species of Pokemon.

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Dorm: Raikou


    The first thing anyone would notice about this girl is her appearance. Many would classify her as physically attractive, but if you'd ask her, she'd say she just looks average. Her reddish-brown hair appears soft and when down, extends about half a foot below her shoulders. The girl's skin isn't perfect by any means, being just a bit lighter in tone compared to most others, but you can tell she isn't plagued by scars or acne. Her body tone is slightly muscular from her participation in sports, but she still has a healthy layer of fat that makes her appear thin, but certainly not borderline anorexic. Also, her boobs: They're big. Deal with it.

    Her quirky style shows, often wearing her hair in long pigtails with a bit of hair left out in the front. This girl's clothing style is more ordinary though. In warm weather, she will wear t-shirts that sometimes appear a little too tight on her, and soft miniskirts that follow the old saying, "Long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep it interesting", and on some occasions she'll be wearing short shorts if she is working out. Her athletic background will have her wearing tennishoes or hiking boots if she's out in the wild. Cold weather forces her to dress more modestly, wearing long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and a big white coat for extra cold weather. Skirts are traded in for jean pants most of the time. Her feet are kept snug in big white winter boots.


    Despite how she dresses and how much unwanted attention she can draw to herself, you'd be surprised how modest this girl is. She is extremely shy, and if made really uncomfortable, she's likely to make a run for it. She's also easily embarrassed. She doesn't take compliments well, and has a nasty habit of blushing badly. Many at first glance would consider her another one of the "ditzy blonde" types. This has kept her from being very outgoing so she usually sticks to herself. When she does talk to someone, she can be very friendly and understanding, and those who really get to know her learn that she is funny, strong willed, intelligent, and has a good heart.

    However she isn't always the kindest person you'll meet. She is courageous and if someone's in trouble, she'll do her best to help them. If you piss her off, she will try to fight you. ...No lie. She hates seeing people or Pokemon being abused and she has no problem kicking anyone's ass if she sees it fit to do so. Her temperament is unstoppable and unpredictable, just like her Pokemon specialization. However, she can sometimes completely change moods in an instant, leaving everyone puzzled. Her cheesy, close-lipped smile has a tendency to ease the tension in any situation, OR get her into far more trouble than beforehand.

    She also loves to sleep, eat, work out, and train her Pokemon. She's a very simple girl with very big ambitions. Not even her boobs are that big...


    Xoxaa was born on the island of Cinnabar in the Kanto region to a skilled Pokemon Breeder and previously a powerful Pokemon trainer of the Dragon species. She grew up in the hilly countryside of Cinnabar at the base of the volcano where she could grow up healthy and strong climbing the rocky steppes of Cinnabar. Living with her mother, she helped to tend to the dragon Pokemon her mother raised after her two older brothers left on Pokemon journeys of their own. Some of her mother's Pokemon were even championship Pokemon her mother used to win many battles. Here Xoxaa learned about Pokemon health and how to treat each Pokemon in a special way.

    Though she went to school in Cinnabar, she was teased by many of the students as she grew older. However, that soon changed when adolescence kicked in. Her peers went from teasing her to admiring her good looks. However, her grades weren't all that great in school even as she got older, and even though her mother taught her a lot about Pokemon, she still struggled to win their affection. Her mother knew her daughter wanted to become a Pokemon trainer, and so she began to find help outside of Cinnabar Island.

    Her mother soon came across Pokemon Trainer Academy, and had Xoxaa apply for membership. In the mean time, her mother gave her three Pokemon eggs that would enable her to raise Pokemon of her very own. On her last few days before heading to the academy, her eggs hatched, first being a bagon. However, she learned her bagon has a nasty temperament that she was unable to soothe, and the conflict between it and her newly hatched gible would grow even stronger. Her future as a trainer looked dim, but hopefully the academy would be able to help her out.


    Species: Bagon (M)
    Nickname: Xgok
    Personality: This Pokemon is easily Xoxaa's most powerful Pokemon. Always thirsting for battle, he will go picking fights with other pokemon in order to challenge and beat them. He is very gluttonous, prideful, selfish, and disobedient. Xoxaa has almost no control over this small savage, and he has no respect for her as a trainer.
    Lvl: 14
    Moveset: Bite, Leer, Rage, Fire Fang, Dragon Claw, Brick Break

    Species: Gible (F)
    Nickname: Eokh
    Personality: Less interested in battle, this Pokemon's biggest temptation is food, which easily comes into conflict with Xgok's gluttony. Though usually Eokh loves being pampered and adores attention, she often feuds with Xgok for the spotlight, creating an intense rivalry between the two to the extent where either refuse to cooperate with each other.
    Lvl: 11
    Moveset: Tackle, Sand-attack, Dragon Rage, Bulldoze, Iron Head, Dig

    Species: Feebas (F)
    Nickname: Wyop
    Personality: Looks can be deceiving... but that isn't the case with this Pokemon. Wyop appears very dense and is only capable of bouncing around mindlessly. Though Xoxaa doesn't know it, Wyop often feels left out and neglected since her trainer is constantly trying to quell the fighting between Xgok and Eokh.
    Lvl: 6
    Moveset: Splash, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Mirror Coat, Dragon Pulse
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