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Is sand veil really that broken that they had to ban Garchomp? Without Sand Veil, Garchomp isn't broken at all, and 80% accuracy isn't THAT terrible, it's not like you're going to lose to every player with a Garchomp because you "can't hit it". There are a myriad of things that have the ability to wall it, kill it, or at least weaken it [aka Skarmory and Ferrothorn for the Scarf versions] and faster Dragons and Mamo for the non Scarf Versions. I'm really disappointed in the voters here, and not only because of Chomp. They didn't ban Latios, who is beaten only by things like SpD Jirachi, Priority and Faster Dragons. Deoxys-e is annoying as a lead, but it's certainly bearable, the ones that come in late game and completely wipe out your team, providing it's been worn down a bit are what truly deserve to be banned. Thundurus is pretty annoying, but there are a good number of ways to beat him, even though one of them is banned now, Chompy. At least they didn't ban Excadrill.

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