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that really burns my poffins..
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    Name: Frankie Estelle Castle

    Nickname: just Frankie is fine.

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Dorm: Suicune

    She has fire red long straight hair (goes to her waist), with straight across bangs. Her face is very sleek, with large eyelashes and she is Japanese. She stands at 5’4”, but usually wears shoes that add a few inches. Frankie’s eyes are black. Her body is slim, but she still has curves.
    Frankie wears large square black glasses (glasses are mainly for the look, she can see without them), a baggy purple and white floral t-shirt that is tucked into high waist gray skinny jeans, and black ankle boots. Occasionally wears accessories in her hair, things like bows, headbands that go across her forehead, think 70’s style. Her nails are also done most of the time, usually white. Overall, her fashion is not crazy, doesn’t contain a lot of colors all at once, but has a girly touch to it.
    (Look I drew her! :

    When Frankie wants something, no matter what it is, she tries until she gets it. She’s very hard working and she likes to shine above the others. She likes breaking rules, and sneaking around, even though when caught she gets herself out of such situations. She loves to talk and stir up trouble. When people get mad at her for whatever reason, she claims that they are just jealous. Frankie is often a tease; she likes to make a certain boy that she likes him, and then when he feels the same, she turns him down. She tends to turn heads when she walks into a room, her beauty is very unique and she takes full advantage of it.

    She loves boys, and is extremely flirtatious. Most people usually find her really attractive, but her personality is her downfall. Very confident, and struggles to let other people be better than her. Most of her friends back home were boys, because most of the girls couldn’t deal with her stirring up drama. A lot of people would call her stuck up, and even catty. She tends to think she’s better than everyone, but if you make friends, she thinks of you as equal.

    She had lived in many different places as a child, but her home is now in Hearthome City, in Sinnoh. Her mother ran the contests there, and her father was a part of the Pokémon fan club. Her parents were very confident in what they did, and it seemed to rub off on her. She grew up around Pokémon, so they were not unknown to her. She wanted to become a trainer, to pursue a different path than her parents. Her mother was very beautiful as well, and was often working as a judge at the contests. Frankie would come with her mom to work, and watch the Pokémon show of their skills. She knew that being a Pokémon trainer was for her, Frankie would often see local trainer’s battling in the town, and watch in awe.

    At a young age, she had difficulty making friends, because of her attitude. She didn’t find anything wrong with herself, and since she knew she was rich and beautiful, she started to ‘realize’ that they were just jealous. At her academic school, she was often voted the most beautiful in her class, thus adding more confidence to her already big head. She studied very hard, even at academic skills, hoping to impress her parents. They were the only ones that her beauty didn’t have an effect on them.

    Her parents were not into battling, therefore, she had a hard time learning and gaining the skills needed, but then the Pokémon Trainers School had answered all of her unanswered questions. Before leaving to the trainer school, her father had bought 3 Pokémon for her, the ones that she always admired during the Pokémon contests. She promised to her parents that she would try her hardest at learning everything there is to learn about Pokémon, and she is doing just that with being in the Suicune Dorm.

    Pokémon :

    Species: Dratini
    Nickname: Masumi
    Gender: Male
    The most talkative of the group, almost annoying, and the nicest of Frankie’s Pokémon. Loves meeting new trainers, or Pokémon, but hates being punished. Often blames mistakes on others.
    Lvl: 13
    Moveset: Dragon Rage, Thunder Wave, Water Pulse, Agility,
    Wrap, Hidden Power.

    Species: Froslass
    Nickname: Jacqueline
    Gender: Female
    She acts most like her trainer, out of all of Frankie’s Pokémon. She loves a challenge, even though she’s not as out spoken as Frankie. Shes been with Frankie the longest, and they share a very close bond.
    Lvl: 15
    Moveset: Icy Wind, Confuse Ray, Ominous Wind, Headbutt,
    Wake-up slap, Double Team.

    Species: Absol
    Nickname: Gabriel
    Gender: Male
    Is the most quiet, and doesn’t like being around many people at once. He tends to become angry quickly, but not towards Frankie.
    Often feels regret over past mistakes. Feels that Frankie is the only one who will understand him.
    Lvl: 14
    Moveset: Razor Wind, Slash, Toxic, Aerial Ace,
    Charge Beam, Bite.
    ~dream team~
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