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    Well, it is but isn't. You're taking something that people know and turning it on its head to create something people don't know. If you do it right, then people think it's something totally unique. Which it is, by then. If you do it wrong and everybody notices, they're going to complain. It's a bit difficult to find the right balance, but once you have it then it becomes something awesome.

    Also... how original is it of you to ask us to name something for you? ;) Besides, we'd likely do something similar to what Astinus said and you'd end up at the same place anyway, except you wouldn't know exactly where it came from.

    My only advice to doing it that way is to keep consistent. You don't want to be using Germanic-sounding names for some things and Chinese-sounding names for something extremely similar, unless you want to explain the origins of both and that they were a part of some kind of incidental parallel evolution. Which seems odd.

    /rambling a bit now sorry ^^;

    Key points: Do what Astinus said, and try to keep with similar languages.

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