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    I would use the one with Nuttrei in it, just because he's freaking amazing--eats up damage like a boss and Iron Barbs = death to all. You also have Urgamoth on the same team, which is a definite plus. Shibirudon is also a very good Pokemon with a very diverse movepool. Urgamoth is nigh impossible to raise and use before the E4 (but I did it in my first run-through anyway).

    Oh, yeah. I meant Ferrothorn, Volcarona, and Eelektross.


    (C) is also good (it's basically what my team is now, except the starter was Smugleag, who I dropped for Ferrothorn, the bug was Pendoraa and the Fighting-type was Zuruzukin). Darmanitan is absolute win (but make sure your Darumaka has Hustle and not Inner Focus) and Swoobat is pretty versatile early-game.

    If I could mix them around, I'd do
    Daikenki, Symboler, Hihidaruma, Nattorei / Elfoon, Shibirudon, and Urgamoth.


    Samurott, Sigilyph, Darmanitan, Ferrothorn / Whimsicott, Eelektross, Volcarona.

    Whimsicott is very good once it learns Giga Drain. Trust me.
    Sigilyph is ridiculously strong--like ridiculous. And fast too. One of the times you battle N, he has one and it will sweep your team.

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