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To be quite honest the only result that stayed true to what I expected was Excadrill remaining OU. ;x

Anyway I'd much rather discuss how we'll think the metagame will develop here now as a development of Garchomp's banning rather than hate on the banning itself. Firstly, a lot of things will start seeing more use especially as choice scarfers; notably Terrakion and Landorus will be a lot more common. Salamence will start being used more too, being able to fill the void of "that fast dragon 4x weak to ice". It won't be the same as with Chomp but I feel like the metagame can proceed without it despite how well he worked as both a scarfer and a Swords Dance user. I do feel like if that Sub+SD set was never put in he'd still be easy OU, but I guess we just have to shut up and deal now lol.