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Originally Posted by Drakow View Post
I would argue that Haxorus would fill the gap for non scarf Garchomp though. both have Swords Dance as well as EQ and Outrage. Haxorus is a lot slower though but yeah.
Thing is it loses to +1 base 100s which are the important ones and yeah. Yes, Haxorus' role as a Swords Dancer is very similar to Garchomp's but I still feel like Salamence will outclass it in usage anyway. Plus, most smart people (imo anyway) don't use Hax as a set-up sweeper because its best duty is breaking down Steel-type walls for its Dragon brethren. CB sets are just much much more effective than any other kind of set Haxorus can run imo and Salamence just has the capability to fill Garchomp's role more imo. Nothing can be exactly the same as Garchomp but Mence will just be used more than anything else that's trying to do so.

Originally Posted by Dark Azelf View Post
Im just glad we have a couple more viable base >100 scarfers who hit hard to use (and D-S) or junk like Volcarona and DD Mence are going to get annoying for offense.

At least we dont have to rely on Terriblegon like we did in gen 4. x.x lol
Yeah, definitely. Stone Edge is still awful though, especially since we'll have to use it significantly more. :I