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    Well I'm sorry that Gothitelle isnt a god mod like Renuclus is. This is why I SUGGESTED the moves in the first place... because I hate when people CANNOT accept that I think Gothitelle is better and people hate me because of it. I've even gotten a comment today asking why the hell would I like this over some blob thing.

    The difference between me and alot of other fans is that I don't need sites like Smoogn etc to tell me which Pokemon is bad or not. Because I don't care. I dont care of Renuclus is overused... I still don't like it. All that matters is that I'm using my favorite.

    Of course back to the topic at hand, I'm not setting here going "Gothitelle is gowd!11!!". She has flaws. Most people hate flaws and thats why they go for the other choice... it's flawless. By MAYBE rasing it's attack to 100 and Sp Attk to 100 maybe I can get away with any move.

    Close combat is an awesome move and my birdy Poke uses it nicely. If I can have that move on MY Gothitelle, then I'd be ecstatic because I can REALLY kick but with those looks. Submission is another one I'd want even tho it's a recoil move. But it's really good. Brick Break is a filler fighting movr that WORKS. Sometimes I wish there could be better.

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