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You say I wont like it, yet it's pretty much my contrasted/gloomy icon style in a larger piece dude haha. Anyway, it actually derives from your usual style somewhat. Simply because it's actually MORE COMMERCIAL, so I secretly think you felt that I would like it. At any rate, onto the critique.

I'm liking the text for the most part, though I think that you know it might have been annoying due to the fact you can't really see it right. On the G at least. From what I've learned about magazine typography is that you need to actually be able to make out at least 70% of the letter, usually, and here I think it is a little risky by cutting off so much of the G with the white border. So possibly try and work your way around that one. Reds seem a little dirty. I generally avoid it when I use this sort of style (I hope you forgive me for comparing this to one of my icon styles). You could have also made the blues a tiny bit more cyan, just a bit though.

For what this piece is really, it's quite good. Positioning is quite well done. Though just tweak those colours and try to be a bit consistent, try not to have any glaring reds such as the effect on the left photo. And then possibly work on the text, but I think it's not too bad as it is.

I think you should try some typography at some point though, you always seem to use rather nice fonts, so a large piece with typo maybe? Also if you wanted to test yourself again, do something conceptual, I like your ideas, but what I mean is, using a number of stocks to create your desired concept. Good work though.
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