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Amore's Travels - Pokémon Platinum
June 8-14, 2011 Eterna City: Grotle > Chuck Norris!

Well, I'm going to be brief as I haven't updated in over a week...

Travelled through Eterna Forest with Cheryl.

Went underground, obtained many spheres, fossils etc.

Defeated Gardenia with a very special tactic of Curse + Razor Leaf, as Grotle was the only one who resisted Grass-type attacks.

Defeated Jupiter with the exact same tactic.

Received a pokémon egg from Cynthia.

Travelled down Cycling road to Oreburgh City.

Resurrected a Careful Shieldon.

Found TM31 Brick Break in Oreburgh Gate.

Ventured though Wayward Cave, saving Mira, capturing Gible, obtaining TM26 Earthquake.

Togepi hatched out of Cynthia's egg!

Battled through all the trainers leading up to Mount Coronet, raising Togepi.


#002 Grotle

Quirky | Overgrow
Curse / Bite / Absorb / Razor Leaf

#018 Luxio

Adamant | Intimidate
Bite / Roar / Flash / Spark

#056 Buizel

Adamant | Swift Swim
Swift / Aqua Jet / Water Gun / Pursuit

#173 Togepi

Quirky | Serene Grace
Yawn / Encore / Metronome / Sweet Kiss


p.s. Hah! First post!
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