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    Originally Posted by Gothitelle. View Post
    Why is everyone so against Goth having close combat? Don't you agree that it needs better moves? Or do you want it to be hated forever?

    How is it hated forever simply because you think it has sucky moves? I believe the only Pokemon thats worthless is Magikarp, and even he turns into an awesome Water/Flying pokemon once you evolve him. Each move can be used (Except Splash.. Lulz), and so no Pokemon really needs better moves, you just need to work with the moves they have and find a way that they can excel in battles, whether it be spear heading the enemy, supporting, or just plain battling with everything it has.. I also agree with the many other people saying a Psychic type shouldnt learn too many Fighting type moves simply because it learns one or two... Thats like saying a Water type should also know a buttload of Fire type moves simply because it can learn Fire Punch .
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