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    Originally Posted by deoxys121 View Post
    I would say add a Grass-type, such as Sawsbuck or Whimsicott. Also, you can use another Electric-type until after the Elite Four, as you are given the opportunity to swap him in with one of your Pokemon when you catch him. Also, post the move sets of your Pokemon, because that makes all the difference in the world.
    not 100% sure bout the moveset yet(more 60% sure), but this is it for now:

    reunicleus with psychic, recover, energy ball (dont know the last one)

    samurott with icebeam, hydro pump, aqua tail and aerial ace

    unfezant with sky attack, aerial ace, roost (dont know the last one)

    chandelure with shadow ball, flamethrower(dont know the next 2 yet)

    zekrom with fusion bolt, thunderbolt, dragonbreath and zen headbutt

    i personally hate grass because its easy to counter them, and others can do their job. but maybe ferrothorn?