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Ferrothorn is definitely an option, as well. I would say for a Ferrothorn moveset:
Iron Head; Power Whip; Payback; Gyro Ball, then replace with Swords Dance when you get the TM post-E4

For Reuniclus, I would say Flash Cannon or Focus Blast for the last move, or use both and replace Energy Ball. (The TM for Energy Ball cannot be found until post-E4)
For Samurott, I would replace Aqua Tail with Megahorn which can be learned through the move relearner in Mistralton City.
For Unfezant, use Return for the last move, provided it has high happiness.
For Chandelure, I would recommend Psychic and Energy Ball for the last moves. Until you can get the TM for Energy Ball, however, try Fire Blast or Confuse Ray.
For Zekrom, replace Thunderbolt with Rock Slide, and then Stone Edge when you get the TM for Stone Edge post-E4.