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    Just a simple little intro post and you can have some interaction with the other rpers.

    The boat taking you towards destiny

    What you can do in First Post (Students)
    ->Talk about how it feels to finally be arriving on the island.
    ->First look at the teachers you see as you approach the peer.
    ->Any feeling you have about the trainers around you.
    ->What you expect to learn at the academy.
    ->Collect your dorm jacket(Red Jacket-Entei , Blue Jacket-Suicune and Yellow Jacket-Raikou)

    What you can do in First Post (Teachers)
    ->Talk about how much your anticipating the start of the school year
    ->First impression of the students as they approach.
    ->You know the real secret to why the students are coming, speak of the importance of the academy.

    "Almost there Blade" Jack was exited and so was his Scyther who stood right beside him as they got closer and closer to the island. Jack wasn't the only one on the deck and Jack looked around at the people who he will soon be living with on the island and going to classes with. "We have to do our best there Blade" Jack was definitely not going to this island to fail and knew that he needed to be stronger if he even dreamt of going back to challenge the pokemon league again. Staring at the island wouldn't make them reach any quicker so Jack decided to take a look at the trainers around him. Jack never left Kanto so some of the pokemon he saw were new to him, everyone was different and stood out in some ways some looked like they came straight from off the farm and others like they were from some rich families.

    "We have now arrived at oak island!!!" The man over the intercom said the words everyone wanted to hear and cheers could be heard from all over the boat. As everyone was walking off the boat they were given jackets matching the dorms they were assigned to. Jack took his red jacket and walked off glancing at all the teachers who lined off at the peer. Some where ex-gym leaders, some more excitingly were ex-champions so Jack was looking forward to the experience of being in their classes. This is it a start of a new adventure"
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