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that really burns my poffins..
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    “Ugh. This whole trip has been boring.” Frankie grumbled quietly, but loud enough for her Frosslass, Jacqueline to hear. While watching the island coming closer and closer, she started playing with her hair and looking around playfully. She wanted to be friendly, but not too friendly. She observed the other soon to be students on the boat, but without being completely noticeable. There were many different types of people, a lot of them didn’t know how to dress, she thought to herself. Frankie kept her mouth shut, not letting any comments come out; she didn’t want to be cocky, at least not yet. Hopefully I can find someone at least decent I could talk to…or I could stand. She looked around again. There was a boy, who dressed way fancier than the others. He looked the same age as her, but he sure was taller. He was very quiet, but she was too. Frankie then frowned and turned to her Frosslass.

    “Jacqueline…you’re feeling the same way as I am, aren’t you?” She seemed to agree, letting out a sigh. Frankie tried to suck up her disappointment with the other trainers, and to focus on what she came here for. But something interrupted her thoughts; a very loud, almost unpleasant intercom man shouted, informing that they had arrived at Oak Island. FINALLY. Frankie straightened her posture, and followed the line of trainers off the boat. Before she came here, she knew she was a part of the Suicune Dorm, and received her Blue jacket respectively. Meh. At least this will give a nice color contrast to my hair; she thought and judged the boring piece of clothing. There were some different looking teachers apart of this Pokémon Academy. Now, her challenge is going to be trying to get along with everyone, at least for now and Frankie tried her best to smile.
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