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    Otherworld9) and Artemus D'Moniz, I hereby induct you into the ranks of Team Magma.

    Otherworld9), if at all possible I would like to keep the selection of Pokémon rather small and also equal between teams. If Team Magma gains another choice of Pokémon, so shall Team Aqua. If you put forth a few suggestions, perhaps they will be taken into account and discussed between ranked members of each team.

    Speaking of which, I choose to place Artemus D'Moniz in leadership position as Boss of Team Magma and therefore the Co-Owner of this particular club. Your responsibilities include activity in this club, suggesting and planning events, and being an exemplary member of this club and PokéCommunity as a whole.

    *cough* Okay, I'm done with being all formal. Welcome to the club, guys! It is a shame the old ones were closed, but everything changes, as they say. May I inquire about which you prefer, Magma in the anime or Magma in the games?

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