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'Oh my gosh!', 'AWWW', 'Woo let's get 'em!' were all just some of the abnormally large noises Nathan heard as he quietly played with his piplup. "Pip" it squeaked as it blew a bubble right into Nathan's nose; popping with sparkles and glimmering vapor. "Haha, stop it cheeky." Nathan calmly said, faintly smiling. He lightly flicked piplup on the head and it smiled and swiftly darted back into his suit.

Nathan was excited, his feeling of amazement was beyond imaginable - though he didn't show it - he always was an trooper, also fought and worked to be the best and now it was time to prove that he can be. He glanced around for the first time after his oblivousness towards the other students. There were a diverse range of people; skinny, tall, short and plump, dark skinned, light skinned you name it all looking fierce but many scraggy. He particularly glanced at a interesting girl with a vulpix, it seemed well groomed - it's tails fluffy and bouncy. "Humph." Nathan moaned, with a smile on his face. As he continued to look around, he noticed that he and a few others were slightly overdressed, and were 'the odd ones out,' not long after did he realise that a few people were actually lookiung at him, as if he was an exhibit at the Viridian Museum. This, however, didn't make him unconfortable it actually made him feel slightly overjoyed.

" We have arrived at Pokemon Trainer Academy. Please recieve your dorm jackets as you leave the boat. Thankyou."

The announcement roared suddenly, echoing throughout the boat's deck.

Nathan reached for his pokeballs. He grabbed two; both in between each of his fingers and he gently threw them, as two small figures popped instantly infront of him. "Hi Guys!" Nathan happily greeted. "Tur, tur, char, chim, chim" his chimchar and turtwig bubbly replied. With an awkward expression on his face he opened his suit and piplup flung itself quickly onto turtwigs back. "Now guys," Nathan explained, "We've arrived at the Academy, we need to train hard and become the best. What I want you to do is observe everyone but not immediately, just when we fit in. I want to find out everything I can about my other dorm mates, if we want to win we need to be strategic, got it?" They all roared with determination and agreement. "Alright let's go." Turtwig and Chimchae decided to return tp their pokeballs. As they did so and turwig disappeared, piplup fell onto the deck making a hard thomp. A tear trickled down it's cheek. "Aww don't be sad piplup, you're a tough cookie. He picked up piplup and gently place her in his suit and collected his blue dorm jacket. "Ew." he muttered quietly to himself and he walked off the boat to meet the other trainers and his teahcers.

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