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    Xoxaa was, of course, taking a big nap in her room. Cuddling up tightly in her blankets, her pillow was dripping with saliva slowly leaking from her mouth. The loud stomping outside of her room of people walking by didn't seem to wake her in the slightest.

    Then, the intercom blasted in her room.

    "HWHAAH!?" Xoxaa jolted forward, awake and startled.

    "We're here?" she looks around, almost in a panicked state. "****!"

    She tosses her covers over the side of the bed and leaps out, running to her bag on her room's table. With no hesitation, she quickly dresses herself, looks into her bags to check her pokeballs, and then grabs the bag and bolts toward the door, slamming it shut as she leaves in a hurry. One could tell she rushed to dress herself, but only if they actually took a good look at her. Otherwise, she was dressed normally.

    Making it out to the top deck, the girl glances around at all of the trainers around her. She notices their Pokemon, and begins to frown slightly, seeing them completely tame and obedient to their masters.

    "I wish my Pokemon were like that..." she though to herself.

    Though Xoxaa glanced briefly at much older passengers, she did not realize these were soon to be her instructors. Her head was kept down slightly, avoiding whatever eye contact she could as she made her way towards the exit of the boat. There she grabbed her dorm jacket, a yellow one for the Raikou dorm. Making it onto the pier, she glanced around at the facilities of the Pokemon Trainer Academy.

    "Let's hope this works out... I need my Pokemon to respect me if I want to be a good trainer."

    And so it begins. A new opportunity to become a great Pokemon trainer.
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