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    Ace was the first student who entered boat, that's why he was bored mostly and in the middle of the trip he fall asleep. Now it almost the end of the of the trip to the academy and Ice was a little annoyed cause Ace's fell asleep and Ice used fake out forcing Ace to wake up. "Hey! What's the problem?" Ace asked. "Sneasel..." Ice made a disspointed look at Ace. "Oh well.." Ace said. "I wonder if I finish Academy, I will really become better Pokemon trainer?" Ace asked. "Sneasel! Sneaasel!" Ice smiled. "Well..we will know the answer someday.." Ace said. Then suddenly He heard something very loud.

    "We have arrived at Pokemon Trainer Academy. Also remember to recieve your dorm jackets as you leave the boat."

    "Lets go Ice!" Ace said. He received a Blue Jacket, and left the boat with Ice. "Woah! There are so many of them, never thought that there will be so much students around here.." Ace was shocked. "Well this is beginning of the new adventure!" Ace said it happily and Ice cheered.
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