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Kyle was sitting back in his room, cuddling the brand new Egg he had just received. He was very happy, this was a rare egg, found only in Unova. He had recently been there on a business trip, to check the Daycares and Egg care of several regions, and had luckily managed to arrive before the semester started. The Daycare man in Unova had thanked him for visiting them, and had presented him with a mysterious Egg. Kyle had politely accepted it, and was now just waiting for the day it would hatch.

"Hey, Kyle! The students are here!" A voice came from outside his room. Kyle was filled with a surge of excitement, and was excited to meet his new students.

He gently picked up the Egg, and took it with him outside, and stood near the rocks, looking at the excited students pick up their jackets. Kyle smiled at them.

He noticed some voices coming from the rock, and looked over to see a new student talking on his Pokedex.

...."Anyway mum, I have to go, I think I might battle a trainer, but I don't know which one.."
"Okay mum, bye"

Huh, so he was thinking about battling. He liked his attitude. It was his first day, and already ready for battles.

He walked up behind the student, and said, "So, you thinking about battling? I see your blue jacket. Suicune Dorm, eh? You must be pretty good."
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