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    "Ice, we are finally here!" Ace said. "Sneasel, Sneasel!" Ice smiled and jumped on Ace's left shoulder.
    Ace was very excited, he picked up his jacket and started to look at his new teachers, he also saw one teacher talking to one of the Suicune Dorm's student and suddenly he heard:

    ...."Anyway mum, I have to go, I think I might battle a trainer, but I don't know which one.."
    "Okay mum, bye"
    ..."So, you thinking about battling? I see your blue jacket. Suicune Dorm, eh? You must be pretty good."

    "Hmm? Who's the guy who wants to battle here?" Ace shouted.
    Then he heard:

    ..."So you want to battle? That'd be great. I see you're in the Rakiou Dorm, you seem to be the competitive type, perhaps we may start with a 2 on 2 battle or would you prefer something different?"

    "Hey there! I want to battle too, im not here to watch!" Ace shouted again.
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