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    "Steel has the highest defense in all types-" Eugene, or Green (his nickname), was studying a large book about Steel Pokemon in the teacher's room. His seat was in a little comfortable corner, away from other teachers and disturbing students. That didn't mean he wasn't disturbed often, though. Green flipped a page, and he jumped. There was a large web, a yellow one on page 64, and when he touched it, it had a little electric shock.

    Green rolled his eyes and turned to the little corner of the room, staring at his Garvantula, "How many time did I tell you? Do not make webs in my book!"

    Garvantula snorted and continued to cover his little corner with his yellow Electrowebs, ignoring his master.

    "And the students are coming!" Green brightened up and grinned, "A whole new bunch of students to teach."

    Garvantula looked uninterested and turned around, falling asleep in seconds. Sighing, Eugene got up from his seat and walked out of the teacher's room, glancing around to see if there was anybody who needed help. The corridor was rather quiet, but then he saw another teacher talking to a student from the Suicune dorms. It was Kyle, and he was a few years younger than him - the youngest teacher in school. Green was interested and stood at a side, listening to their conversations.

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