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I have to really agree on Gavin with this one Massimo, the contrasting you've used, and everything about it is great! The red is starting to get to me though, since you're going for a gloomy setting. Colour is an important asset and you don't want to use the wrong colours for these things. Maybe you could try changing it to something more dull like blue or green? It's good to suit colours with the mood.

Speaking about the mood, I don't even think that this sort of image is exactly suited for the gloomy style, which I've seen from you so much, like your current avatar, where it works. The woman in the piece seems to be very happy, and uplifting in terms of the mood she's in, and you've gone with the gloomy side, which doesn't really seem fitting if you ask me. It does seem like the sort of piece where you'd use some bright colours, like yellows and stuff for everything. Just give that a thought for your next piece maybe.

Text is great, with font choosing, and positioning. That "g" is offputting though, with some of it in the spaces between the two parts. You should play around with that some more, like maybe making the G a smaller font so it fits in the same plane as the rest of the text or something.

Apart from all that critique, from what I've seen of your work and your latest larger pieces, this has probably got to be one of your best works yet. Keep it up! :D *gives sticker*
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