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This team looks pretty good, if you don't mind trading over Tepig and such. However, you have a blazing weakness to Bug types, and if I remember correctly Ghesthis has a Volcarona and that thing is strong and will hurt you. Also, I prefer Whimsicott over lilligant, but I guess that is just a personal preferance.


This team looks nice too, as long as you don't mind having your whole team before the third gym. You'll find that Simisear has a terrible moveset and is outclassed by Chandelure (and Volcarona, if you don't mind grinding). I'm not sure about Unfezant or Zebstrika, but I've heard that Zebstrika is frail and that Unfezant is pretty strong (I think). Excadrill is amazing and will help you out a lot, and Leavanny is also pretty strong, and if you use her I suggest running around a lot in Pinwheel forest to max her happiness to evolve her before the Bug gym so that she can dominate (which she did for me if I remember correctly). Also this team is crippled by Rock and Ground types, so just use your brain in those situations to counter it.


This team looks fun. I used Swoobat, and it is fairly okay pre-E4 but then it is just outclassed by everything and wont do you much good, even during the E4. Darmanitan is pretty strong and should hold well, and Sawsbuck would be fun to use in my opinion. Galvantula is pretty good, and its typing provides nice type coverage. Mienshao is also good, as long as you don't mind getting it really late in the game. I suggest using Conkeldurr/Throh/Sawk since you can get them early, instead of Mienshao. Once again, this team is weak to Rock, so have Samurott and Mienshao handy in the caves.


I wouldn't use this team just because you get most of them late in the game. You can't find Mandibuzz until after the 7th or 8th gym (I think), and Volcarona you will get late and will have to grind like 40 levels. Ferrothorn and Eelektross are sort of at a place that I would call the last place I would catch a team member, because you find them where it is pretty central and you wont have to grind too much, etc. I'm not sure how good Cinccino is, but she looks pretty :D Weakness wise, this team is extremely well rounded and wont easily fall to any one type.


I like this team as well. Chandelure is great, and I've heard Unfezant is, Whimsicott is cute and does pretty well as well, and I've heard good things about Krookodile and Gothitelle. This team has pretty bad weakness to Ice and Bug, so be sure to strategize accordingly.


The only problem with this team is that you won't get 1/3 of it until right before or during the E4. Hydreigon is awesome, and strong while at it, as is Reshiram. Sawsbuck is pretty good and would be fun to use, and Sigilyph is crazy good and a lot better than Swoobat (sorry Swoobat D:). I have heard the Zebstrika can be frail, but I don't know. This team is really weak to Ice, so just keep that in mind.

Overall, I think I would choose Team B, but replace Simisear with Chandelure and Zebstrika with Eelektross.
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