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Hello. This is the first time I've ever started a new thread on PokéCommunity, and have shared my ideas with the rest of the world. So be nice.

(Working Title)


Basically, my idea behind creating this project was to merge the best features of the handheld Pokémon games and the console ones. The game is centered around an International Pokémon Championships competition, with Colosseum-style battles for each round, but with each new stage of the competition taking part in a different area.


You are a Pokémon trainer who lives in Plazadown City with his brother, Max. Having recently filled out an application form, you and your brother are preparing for the qualifying rounds the next day. While you wait, you go and train in the surrounding forest. The next day comes around, and you take part in the qualifiers. Both you and Max succeed with ease, after beating several competing trainers, and celebrate their entry to the competition.

However, the mood darkens when, in the next round of the competition, you and Max are made to fight each other in the last stage of the round. You beat Max, and his spirit is crushed. He runs away from the arena, and later says he's going somewhere far, far away to train.

But you continue to take part in the championships, and meet many eccentric personalities, all fighting for their shot at glory. You befriend a fellow contestant, Emma, and uncover a sinister force trying to manipulate the competition for their own ends.

The rest I can't say. Spoilers and all that.





  • The best features of Pokémon Colosseum and XD being merged with the best features of the handheld Pokémon games - e.g. there's wild grass and routes but the main action takes place during the championships, in a stadium. However, don't think of the game as Pokémon Colosseum in 2D; this is a standalone game merely inspired by its counterparts.
  • There are eight rounds in the competition each taking place in 8 unique areas, across a vast world map.
  • Win badges medals by proceeding up harder and harder rounds, and ultimately win the Championship Cup by coming first in the finals.
  • Have thrilling Colosseum-style battles against several trainers for each arena, with an audience and announcer to heighten the atmosphere.
  • Engage in an intriguing, exciting, and, at times, emotional storyline involving courage, jealousy and friendship.
Now to the important bit: I NEED HELP!

Yeah. I'm not a very good spriter and I'm terrible with code. But I'm an okay mapper and eventer (if that's the right name) and I'm determined to see this through and not give up on it like my other projects. So if you think you can make some custom tiles, or create a player character sprite, or dramatically develop the look of the battle scene, or if you can do none of the above and just want to offer moral support, then climb on board ship WackyTurtle...


Pokemon Essentials Starter Kit: Poccil
Sinnoh Tiles: Kyledove
Extra Tiles: Newtiteuf, chimcharsfireworkd
(Temporary) Music:


In all seriousness, I do need some help if I'm going to do this. I know I probably should've posted on team recruitment or something, but all the rules scare me a bit...

That's all, I guess. Some feedback and/or constructive criticism would be nice .
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