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Ummm.....I think, in my opinion, that since I barely watch the anime(I do know and have seen Team Magam in action in the anime however:]No stopping me there ), but since my first game was Emerald and I repeated that game over soo many times...I have to say in the games, or the Emerald if you want to be specific. But they are excellent in both the anime and games.

As for the pokemon, sorry about only Team Magma, I was pretty impatient with the sign up sheet and forgot to mention that Team Aqua needs an equal share. And I will, one day, think of possible pokemon! I promise! One day when I get the guts to do it though, since I need a good reason. Or if nobody really wants to, it's ok.

Now that I'm here......can I be Admin of Team Magma! I will be of total loyalty to the new Boss, and may I add I was part of the past Magam groups? (I couldn't revive them, since I couldn't double post.) I'm dying to be an Admin, which I know I can live up to and keep the title worthy and not make fool of myself or shame the Admin Title of Team Magma. I will follow orders under the boss and owner of both groups and will treat everybody equally.....erm..for this day on, my being will be towards Team Magma! Please think about it...I will a great Admin and will active twice a day for it. :]