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    Name: Adriane Miona Casscade (I felt like putting a middle name.Though its totally made up XD)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17


    Adriane stands 5"4.She is fairly fit. She has raven black hair that goes just below her shoulders.Her eyes are dark red. She wears a dark purple t-shirt with a blue jean jacket, and loose blue jeans. She weards black flip flops. (And if anybody gives a crud the flip flops are durable) She always wears her hair down, so the only thing she does with it is brush it. She also wears small gold hoop earrings, and a sapphire necklace. She wears dark red biker like gloves. (You know,the kind without the finger covering. ) Her skin is slightly tanned. Her nails are kept a little bit long also.


    Despite her dark appearance, she's a fun person to be around. She isn't good at making friends, not because she's mean,but just because. Once she has became friends with somebody, she isn't really secretive. She, like most people, loves having fun. If she needs to she'll stand up for her friends and pretty much anybody else, as long as she doesn't hate them,and there isn't many people she hates.
    She likes singing, and sometimes listening to some songs can change her attitude around. She like writing songs and stories also,so yes, she does keep a diary, but if its brought up she refers it as a journal. She will not take being made fun of kindly, else she knows they're just joking, and the person doesn't push they're luck. She almost never resorts to violence, but if she absolutly has to she will.
    She never judges anybody at first sight. She always gives people a chance, and sometimes, a second chance if they need it. She is usually nice, just not peppy cheery nice. She will be the first to help someone if someone needs helping.


    Adriane was born in Jhoto, New Bark Town. When she was 16 her house burnt down, killing her Mom, Dad, and twin one year old brother and sisters. The only reason she survived is because she wasn't home at the time, she was at a friend's house. She was devestated when she found out the house burnt down. She lost everything, and she felt helpless and hopeless. Her best friend and her parents took her in, allowing her to live with them where she didn't have to go to a orphange.
    Adriane had to go to Richmond because she couldn't hold up a job. She figured if she got through she'd be able to manage for herself, and stop living with her best friend. It wasn't that she minded living with her best friend, it was that she felt like she was taking advantage of them. If she ever brought it up the argued other wise. She always did her best to help around the house, feeling like it was the only thing she could do to repay them.

    Main Goal/Interest: Breeder

    Egg Number: 12

    Other: Nothing

    RP Sample: From Cardcaptoring (My posts arn't usually this long,usually not near this long,but they're usually desent sized.I don't feel like going through all my roleplays and picking the best post,sorry.)


    "I've gotta go to the store and get some groceries Aqua, I'll be back."Sabrina said. "Mom and Dad are still at work. "

    "Okay Sabrina, see you when you get back."Aqua said.

    When Aqua heard the door downstairs close Aqua opened her bag and took out the freeze, the staff ,and Spinner.

    "Explain,now. "Aqua commanded Spinner.

    "Okay pushy! "Spinner said. "Long ago a man named clow reed made the clowcards. They were a new whole kind of magic. When he died they got set free and a girl named Sakura captured them. Well years ago she died, and now the cards have been returned to clowcards instid of starcards and they got disturbed by this. Now me, Curobaros, Jerezera,and Serxata fallowed thirteen cards each, where we could keep a eye on all fiftytwo cards. Its your job to capture the thirteen I was watching, and I'm sure the others have found kids as well.I will contact them and we will get you four together tommarow. "Spinner said.

    "Three other talking stuffed animals and fiftyone more cards, three more kids,three more staffs?"Aqua replied.

    "One, we're not talking stuffed animals, two yes,yes, and yes."Spinner replied.

    "And why me? "Aqua asked.

    "You picked up the staff. "Spinner said,

    "Aaaahh great. "Aqua said sarcasticly.

    "Its your job as a cardcaptor to capture the thirteen cards I fallowed. "Spinner said again.

    "Cardcaptor? I am not a cardcaptor! "Aqua exclaimed.

    "You are now. "Spinner said.

    "Oh boy.... "Aqua replied.

    "Aqua I'm home. "Sabrina yelled from downstairs.

    "So are we. "Their parents said. "Dinner time Aqua. "

    "Ok, I'll be down in a second! "Aqua yelled downstairs.

    "I'm hungry... "Spinner said.

    "I'll try to bring you something up Spinner, for right now just stay up here and be really really quiet. "Aqua said.

    "Don't say anything to them about this! "Spinner said.

    "Understood. "Aqua replied.

    ~~After dinner~~

    "Spinner I'm back. I got a apple and some raisons, its all I could get without them noticing. "Aqua said sitting the food infront of him.

    Aqua noticed there was a hoop and a blue chain through it on the key staff.

    "Oh yeah,better put it on I guess? "Aqua asked putting the chain around her neck.

    "Right, thanks,night cardcaptor. "Spinner said finishing his "meal".

    "Still not a cardcaptor. "Aqua replied shutting of her big light,turning on her small lamp, and getting in her bed.

    Spinner went to sleep in her coat that was thrown in a chair.


    Alrighty everybody! Great first posts, really wonderful! Now we can all post as much as we want as long as someone has posted inbetween. Your next post will end your charecters night and began their next morning. Your next post can go to at the least them heading towards school (this will be Friday) or at the most them going home, or wherever their going after school. They can catch a clow card after they've left school for the day, they don't have too, but they have to catch another card at some point in this day.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~The next morning~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Aqua woke up and got out of bed. There was a orange and grey card on her nightstand and a key around her neck. Then she remembered why and began to get ready. She liked to get ready while listening to music, so she put in a cd she burned for herself and the first song was beggin on your knees by victoria juctice.

    "What is that? "asked Spinner sleepily as he got out of her jacket and stood on his two feet and stretched.

    "Morning Spinner, its music. "Aqua replied.

    "Well I'm just ganna go back to sleep. "Spinner said.

    Spinner wasn't seen again that morning .Aqua brushed her very very long cyan blue hair. She picked out her shirt that haid blue flower painted on it with a pair of normal blue jean shorts and her electric blue wedge sandles. She changed and picked up her electric blue jacket (she has two,she picked up the one Spinner wasn't in) and put it in her deep sky blue backpack, picked it up, turned the music off, and went downstairs and ate breakfast. She picked up her scateboard and left for the school. She always scateboarded to school.Nothing out of the ordinary happened at school that morning,really boring classes.

    "Hey Julie. "Aqua said to her best friend.

    "Hey Aqua! Did you here Adam Jhonson got a new cat? Its really odd colored, he showed me a picture this morning, he let me barrow one.

    Julie pulled out a picture of a blue cat with dark blue on the tips of the ears and paws.

    "Cute! I'll have to run by his house after school. "Aqua said.

    "Yeah,I wish I could come but I have Piano practice after school. "Julie replied.

    ~~~After School~~~

    "Hey Adam, mind if I see your new cat? "Aqua asked stepping in Adam Jhonson's house.

    "Sure, let me go get Eric. "Adam replied.

    "Eric? "Aqua asked.

    "Thats his name! "Adam replied exitedly.

    "Oh,cool! "Aqua replied.

    "Be back in a minute. "Adam said.

    Aqua felt her bag zip open and she turned around. Spinner popped out.

    "Aqua I sence a clow card! "Spinner said.

    "You what!? Spinner have you been in there all day!? "Aqua asked.


    Okay.That is probably the best...or at least longest most descriptive sign up I've ever done.I am realllllly exited for this roleplay,so I hope I get accepted.If I need to change something I will,even if it requires me finding a different rp sample.Anyways there you go!

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