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    First and foremost, you'll want to check out this thread. The short form of it is basically that if you don't set your work properly, it kills some readers' eyes. I know that if I read a huge, endless block of text on a computer screen, I literally start to get dizzy. So, in all seriousness, I can't read your work because it's a wall of text instead of separate paragraphs. It doesn't get better when the red text comes along because Johto Elite + bright red text = not fun.

    Second, if you're typing in the post reply/new thread box (as in, you're hitting "New Thread" or "Post Reply" in order to write your story), that's something you'll want to steer away from doing for the exact reason you just encountered: you rushed (and lost part of your work anyway). Instead, work on a word processor like OpenOffice, Google Docs, or Microsoft Word. That way, you can save your chapter as you go along, spell check and proofread without much of a problem, and give yourself more time to develop your ideas.

    Edit: It occurs to me that you're fairly new here and that some of the skins don't exactly make links obvious. (Really, guys? Really?) So here's the URL I want you to check out:
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