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Wow, uh... yeah, as JX Valentine said check that thread. The whole post hurts my eyes - it's just way too big, bold is never a good idea, and the lack of paragraphing is also a big no. Centring the text is also discouraged - ideally you want to make it as easy as possible for someone to read your story.

Furthermore - wrong section. This Writer's Lounge subsection is for discussions on writing or the sort, while the main section is for posting your fic. However as the way it is now I wouldn't class it as readable (a FF&W rule) and as you said:
i told it was a lot any way i had a lot more but some how i lost it lol
and the FF&W rules state:
Do not post unfinished work.
If your chapter is not finished, then there is no need to post it. Use a word processing program to type your fic in so you can have all the time to work on it. An unfinished chapter/story will result in a closed thread.
I'll be closing this - you can repost it in the right section as normal default size text without font colours or bolding or whatnot, and when you have the full chapter to post (you can take your time writing up the full thing in a word processing program e.g. Word, Googledocs, OpenOffice (the latter two being free to use).