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    Alder has the Volcarona, not Ghetsis.
    And it's 58 levels for Volcarona before E4 the first time, but then you can get a wild one for the second run-through.

    Also, Hydreigon is like... Near impossible to get before the first E4 because he finishes at level 74--He's only good with breeding, so that's 73 levels of training. Zweilous is definitely not worth it because he sucks.

    Eelektross completely outclasses Zebstrika.
    Whimsicott~Prankster is a hell lot more useful than Lilligant and can't die ever (actually it never died when I used it because of Giga Drain).
    Ferrothorn is a very, very good Pokemon. Give him a Rugged Helmet for in-game and he'll wreck anything that tries to touch him. You can just spam Curse.

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