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    Originally Posted by Live_Wire466 View Post

    Only Pokecommunity staff members have the authority to hand out infractions. Why you'd want to willingly infract yourself in the first place is beyond me, you don't want one. :x
    In order to hold myself accountable in all situations (I do not like others going easy on me because I never go easy on myself.) Besides let be give an example of what would make me want to do such a thing:

    Lets say you make a post in a forum with an intent of constructive criticism, hoping for things to get better but you realize in the end that the same post could also unintentionally invite a flame way, so you decide to warn yourself in your own profile so that you can remember in the future to be more careful about it. Or in the case where the browser wants to send the same data twice, so you infract yourself for using a (I will not say this word because it would be worth an infraction itself, so it is censored) browser that in itself breaks the rules as self encouragement to use a better one.
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