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Originally Posted by kram65536 View Post
Lets say you make a post in a forum with an intent of constructive criticism, hoping for things to get better but you realize in the end that the same post could also unintentionally invite a flame way, so you decide to warn yourself in your own profile so that you can remember in the future to be more careful about it. Or in the case where the browser wants to send the same data twice, so you infract yourself for using a (I will not say this word because it would be worth an infraction itself, so it is censored) browser that in itself breaks the rules as self encouragement to use a better one.

To be honest, if someone NEEDS reminding for x, y, z reasons, then I doubt having something like this would do anything positive.
If you have done something that is deemed as breaking the rules, then a staff member will either speak to you, warn you or infract you.

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